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Business Listing Suspended

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Hi there!


My business listing was suspended. I tried to verify by having a document mailed to my address but I never received it. I moved offices and tried to change my address but I was unable to. I now have this listing...


...with the wrong address and I am unable to edit anything. I would like to create a content rich page, as a part of a big rebrand we are doing for VentureOut but I am unable.


Can someone please help me get the suspension removed, update my address and take control of my business page on Google?


Thanks for the help,


Founder & CEO, VentureOut

Business Listing Suspended

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We cannot log into your account.


If there is a listing you cannot access for the old address you could mark it as permanently closed on the search result.


And simply set up a new GmB entry at the new address.

Re: Business Listing Suspended

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Thanks for the feedback. We tried deleting the listing but that didn't work as it is still showing.

I do not want to mark the business as closed because people may assume the business is shut down if they see that, which isn't exactly great marketing.

I just need my account suspension to be lifted so I can edit it. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help!

Brian J. Frumberg
Founder, VentureOut
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Business Listing Suspended

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You are Permanently Cosing the search result listing at the old address.


When moving you should start setting up web entries for the new address a couple of weeks in advance. And set up and ask for a verification post card a week before you open.


Mark the old address search result listing as Permanently Closed on the day you Close there.


Once closed at the old address you need to do a similar exercise for all your other web directory entries. There you can probably just change the address and so on.


After moaning in the past the Permanently Closed state was added so that other web directory data you cannot get to to change harmlessly associates with the closed address. Some times to change other web directory data you need to contact them via an email address on the bottom of their home page, ot find it out. As where they set your data up by scraping data from around the web, professional entries, or download from the major data aggregators. Sometimes you have to do changes more than once bacause of update cycles and old data being refreshed.