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Business Hours are Wrong

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I have a Google Account. I keep getting people tell me that the hours are wrong in Google search results. I verified my business ownership. In my Google Account the hours for our restaurant are correct. However, if you search for the restaurant name in google, the hours are completely wrong. 

Re: Business Hours are Wrong

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What's your business name, address, phone number, and website? 

At a glance, there's a few things that can be going on. The first, sometimes businesses accidentally have two listings. There could be an incorrect one that you don't have claimed that's showing for customers, and another one you've corrected that people aren't actually seeing. 

I've also been seeing more cases lately where what account owners are seeing in their dashboard isn't actually reflected in the search results. I'll be really interested in seeing your business, if that second possibility is the case, maybe there's a new bug no one's talking about yet. 

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