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Business Hours and days change and are sometimes wrong

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 Hello, I wrote about this a few days ago, got a response but then was unable to respond back so I am posting this again. HEre was my post and the response and my question back, if anyone can help me. Thank you.




We are a dealership located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This past Monday, in our hours section, it stated that we were closed (it was a US holiday-Martin Luther King's Birthday), but we were open as it is not a holiday in Canada.


Also it stated on our Google+ page that we close at 9 on Fridays then a few minutes later switched to 6 pm. I have again set it to Friday at 9pm. I have had to do this once before. What is happening? How can we fix this so it does not happen in the future and why did this happen?


Thank you!


Tatiana Sayig


Centre-Ville Volkswagen

324 Rue Peel Montréal, QC H3C 2G8 Canada‎

+1 514-846-1717





Tatiana, when you noticed that the live hours had changed, was their a message in your dashboard indicating that some of your data had changed? It's usually a yellow banner at the top of the page and it has a button asking to review the changes.


I can see from the listing edit history that this has happened before -


Check to see if the hours are correct across the web on other business directory type websites. Google could be pulling the incorrect hours from some other website.


Colan Nielsen

Google My Business Top Contributor, Google MapMaker Regional Lead (USA)



Hello Colan,


Thank you for your reply. We just noticed that Facebook's Friday hours also went to 6pm. We do not know why! And why would our Google page say we were closed on Martin Luther King's Birthday when that is a US holiday not a Canadian holiday. We don't see this problem on our website or anywhere else. Please advise. How can we get Google to stop changing the hours and times as this hurts our business!

Thank you.

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Re: Business Hours and days change and are sometimes wrong

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@Colan, Wanted to tag you here, as it looks like you had been helping Tatiana before. Let me know if I can be of assistance! 

Re: Business Hours and days change and are sometimes wrong

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Hi Liz, would love your help. Especially regarding why her listings hours displayed as closed on MLK Day even though she is in Canada. Sounds like a glitch. Maybe even related to a browser location or language setting?
Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Business Hours and days change and are sometimes wrong

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This may help, I do the social media for this business and I am located in the US. But I do social media for other countries as well and this has never happened before. Thank you for looking into this for me.

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Re: Business Hours and days change and are sometimes wrong

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Hi Tatiana,

I took a look at your account, and it appears to have the hours set correctly now. Regarding the hours issue--MLK Day is not listed in the Canadian holidays that we alert users to: Unfortunately, I don't have any insight on why your page is showing US holidays.

Let me know if I can be of further help!