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Buisness listing susppended

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My company name is 

Erez Greenberg Electricien and Handyman in Beersheeba Israel ארז גרינברג חשמלאי והנדימן בבאר שבע ישראל
my address is Derech HaMeshahrerim 26, Ap 9,  Beersheba 8434436, Israel

I have a business listing and it's suspended.

My business is marked as a service area business as required. I have all business license 

I honestly don't understand the issue.


My website is on Googlesites

I also made a wixsite, is that a problem?

I am waiting for the postcard for a long time, at least 2 months, and my liblihood deppands an this listing.

I serve people on their loccation and seldom they come to me.

my adress is my appartment.

It will be a graet to verify my buisness by phone.
best regurds