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Brand page vs Location page for Online Store

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We are an online store and have a Local & Brand page, the Local page is verified but the Brand page isn't.


The Brand page was linked to a different account but both Local & Brand have since been consolidated under 1 account.

Before these pages were 'owned' by the same account posts have been made to the Local page only.


The Brand page shows up in Text Ads, showing the amount of followers, while the Local page shows up on the right hand side when a search is done in the vicinity of the business.


Here are my questions.

1. Should we have a Local page or only a Brand Page?

2. Should we continue posting on our Local page or start posting on the Brand page only?

3. Should I "merge" these two pages - like explained in this post ?


Thanks for your time. 

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Re: Brand page vs Location page for Online Store

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Do you have store that people can visit? Or do you go to the customer's location to provide the service? If the answer is no then I would say you do not need a local page. Local pages are used for shops that have a physical location or for people for visit the customer at their location. As you are a online store, I would recommend you use a Brand page.
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November 2015

Re: Brand page vs Location page for Online Store

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hi @Christian C, just adding to @Ryan S's reply.


It is actually against Google's guidelines to have a Local page if you are an online only business (no in-person contact with your customers).


In your situation, you need to contact support via and explain that the Local page was set up in error and needs to be deleted from the local database.


Unfortunately there is no way to merge the local page with the brand page - your only option is to have the local page deleted.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Brand page vs Location page for Online Store

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@PriyaC &  @Ryan S thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.

I will contact support and sort it out.