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Brand Searches Google My Business Appearance

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Quick question. 
When I set up our Google My Business account, I set it up to show our business legal name. So this means it has a "LLC" included. However, Ive noticed that the Google My Business card only shows on brand searches with the "LLC" included. If I search without, the GMB card does not show. 
So would it make sense to edit our GMB info so it does not include the LLC, that way on brand searches without the LLC, the card will show. I ask because more suers search our brand name without the LLC. 
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Brand Searches Google My Business Appearance

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quick answer @Ryan L


refer to 


quoting this snipet from there (chapter "Name"):


  • Special characters (e.g. %&$@/") or irrelevant legal terms unless they are part of your business’s real world representation
    • Not Acceptable: "Shell Pay@Pump", "Re/Max, LLC", "LAZ Parking Ltd"
    • Acceptable: "Shell", "Re/Max", "LAZ Parking", "Toys ’’R’’ Us", "H&M", "T.J.Maxx"


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Brand Searches Google My Business Appearance

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I have this issue as well. The brand is spelled in two words and the name of the business registered in GMB is spelled in two words too. But when searching the brand, spelled in two words, the GMB information in the right side of SERP is not visible. Then it appears when searching the brand spelled in one word (combining two words without space). 


Not sure what wrong. Thanks.