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Brand-New business Infested with incorrect/automatically associated photos - need removal ASAP

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Kapp and Kappy B&B 

21 N Clyde Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741 



Phone: (407) 205-9992 


We just opened our new business at this location which depends on quality photos.  Our grand opening is next Friday July 21st, 2017.  People are already looking at our local business listing which is how we found out that it has been infested with incorrectly associated images (in the past 2 weeks).  We have multiple issues with incorrect Google photos showing at our location: 


1) The street views are from 2014 on the front view of our house prior to when we renovated and from 2016 (side view) when we were in the middle of renovation.  We need these REMOVED immediately since they do not represent the current state of the property and are not appealing from a marketing perspective.   A Bed & Breakfast needs to be inviting from the street view. If these cannot be re-photographed right now, then they need to be removed or blurred until such time as the street view photographers come back by.  These have already been reported multiple times via the buttons on the images -with no action and no response. 


2) The photos from our web site were scraped and stuck to our local business listing.  This makes zero business sense.  We did not know this was a 'feature' of adding our website to our business listing.  It literally makes NO sense to even do in the first place. Why would this be an opt-out feature?  It should be an opt-in feature.  Web site photos don't necessarily deal with the specific business location.  In our case, we have photos of area attractions for our guests and other historic homes for history info.   Now, every other historic house in the neighborhood which is shown on our website  is now attached to our B&B business listing.  This makes no business sense and is confusing our prospective customers.  I have individually requested these photos are removed from crawling, but they are still there.   I have also 'opted out' from this (not that I opted in in the first place) and got a message from the system that it will take 30 days for them to be removed. None of these automatic associations are correct, appropriate, or helpful for our business. 


3) There are other random photos attached to our business listing - photos I took on my phone like photos of my truck. I cannot figure out how to remove them, and I do not know how they got onto the business listing.  I can't delete them. Do I need to get an apple phone to make sure this never happens again? 


The ONLY photos I want on our new business listing are the ones I put there that represent the way my business looks.  The ones under the tabs that say "interior, rooms, exterior, etc" - those are the photos that need to show.  


I cannot believe that we have been open less than two weeks, and are having to deal with such incorrect photo representations of our business.  This is very time consuming and frustrating.  I should be focused on driving traffic and getting bookings - not wasting valuable time removing photos that neither us, nor customers deliberately associated with our Google business profile.  




Brand-New business Infested with incorrect/automatically associated photos - need removal ASAP

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Unfortunately Google take -crowd sourced data- via their algorithms. Apart from reporting them there is no other action you can take.

Re: Brand-New business Infested with incorrect/automatically associated photos - need removal ASAP

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What seems sad about Googles approach is that it reduces the data quality
related to locations on maps. It not only wastes the businesses time to
try to report photos and correct errors (fruitlessly I understand), but the
customer has to scroll through pages of terrible photos and gets confused
about what they are looking at. Whoever created the use case for this data
architecture has clearly *never* run a small business and understood how
important "time" is to our success, or been a customer that needed to make
a buying decision based on quality data. Anyway - somehow I managed to
eliminate 11 out of the 65 photos so I am down to 54. The "remove URL"
tool appears to have removed the 40 URL's I requested, but many of them are
still showing on the Google maps property... so either the data is
inconsistent, or the changes are still propagating, or the software doesn't
work... my hope is that within 30 days the "opt-out" of showing the web
page data on the Google business listing will actually work.

It would be helpful if the design of scraping web data was re-thought from
a customer perspective instead of a scrape the world perspective. It should
be an "opt-in" for the business to permit the web site data to show on the
google listing and maps. not an opt-out. A business web site contains image
data relevant to the business, and to its customers - which may include
area information. That area information *might* be relevant to searching
for the business via image search, but is not relevant to display on a map
about the location.