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Boy Did I Ever Pick A Terrble Day To Ask This!

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First I just want to thank you guys for your time. I know that dissapearing reviews bug will saturate these boards but hopefulle someone can help me.


Recently i had lost a big contract and now dependent on different forms advertising to get leads. Im a small company thats been trying to get more local listings on google maps so i can compete against the rich juggernauts companies that can have their personal SEO. Definately would be nice! Since my budget has been limited, I want to learn and run my own business page for now.  



Here is where im at.  I rank decent on my cell phone and computer in my zip but i dont show up when connected to some local wifi spots around this area. Currently im not ranking well in my zip when i add my city with a high traffic keyword.


I took the advise i have read on these forums about moz local search. Unfortunately im not even on there to confirm NAM is consistent. I would appreciate it if anyone can give a little advice. I know i must be doing something wrong. I know its a horrible time to ask any question with the April 1st bug. Once again thank you guys for your time!




3238 S Yampa St Unit B

Aurora CO



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Re: Boy Did I Ever Pick A Terrble Day To Ask This!

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Hi @Eric P

Yeah, crazy day today. No worries though, I found a few things to add to the to-do list that should help you out... if you haven't seen it yet, another really incredible resource is here. It's kind of a rabbit hole, but if you're interested in learning this stuff, that's a good place to head to take things to the next level. 

A few things I spotted off the bat... 


  • Your map could be embedded better, follow these instructions instead of what you've got on there now. 
  • This guide will show you how to add schema to your site properly. 
  • I'd personally not use your h1 tag for the phone number up top... I'd make it down where you have 'our services' and pick something with keywords and geographic location instead. 
  • none of your images that I checked were alt/title tagged. 
  • what's the difference between your home page and You should make the home page canonical to avoid any Google confusion or duplicate content issues. 
  • Check out your page speed insights... not sure if you're able to do much with the site builder you're using, but serving up 3megs of images to a mobile user is no bueno. There's a Google update hitting in May that might make this even more important. 
  • Definitely seeing some NAP issues. Pick one name, make that the name everywhere. When you can afford it it might be a good idea to invest in moz local just to get your business on the big 4 data providers, but in the meantime you can get yourself in a lot of good places manually. Picking the right citation sources are kind of beyond the scope of what I'm up for typing up right now, but that article of Casey's I posted above (2015 SEO campaign) should kick you off to a good start. 
  • Here's your biggest issue. Offsite organic SEO plays a factor... majestic found a single place in the whole internet that links to your site. Here's another article by Casey to get the creative juices flowing... out of everything to do with local SEO, this one is the most challening and potentially time consuming, and it's one that's best addressed as an ongoing part of the business. The good news, is with some creativity and consistency, you can level the playing field with the 'big' agencies, no big budgets needed. 
  • One last thing. You're kicking butt getting reviews on Google, and that's awesome! Now it's time to check your Google analytics, see if you're getting a good number of referals from other sites (Yelp or whatever) and start getting more reviews there, fleshing out your profile, and generally taking the things that are already kind of working for you and turning them into another source of leads. 

So... there you go, hope that helped!

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Re: Boy Did I Ever Pick A Terrble Day To Ask This!

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James, thank you so much for your help! Great advice! This definitely can be a rabbit hole. Funny thing, i thought i changed something late last night and erased my company google plus page . I was relieved to find out it wasnt just me that had experienced that!