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Band info on knowledge graph gone.

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Hi, my band had a knowledge graph with our spotify and youtube info as well as songs. But today it seems like it was taken off because it's not there anymore.


I was wondering what happened.


Our official website is verified with google, we're still on spotify, youtube, play music store, itunes, etc...



Re: Band info on knowledge graph gone.

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Your Wikipedia page is in an "orphan" state, which requires de-orphaning. see info below. Orphaned pages can also be deleted because of the lack "notability." Because knowledge graphs are connected to Wikipedia, this can cause removal of a KG if the Wikipedia article is called into question (i.e., orphaned state and/or lack of notability). My recommendation is to de-orphan your Wikipedia page and show that the band has done something notable: see Wikipedia notability requirements. Btw, your KG entry is still there ( query on the bands name. It is just in a suspended state because of the Wikipedia problem. My advice to artists is don't create a WIkipedia article unless you are sure it will pass Wikipedia notability requirements. Also, it is wise not to create it yourself - but wait for someone else (who is non bias) to create it for you: I viewed your page and it looked like it was created by one of the band members. Btw, once your Wikipedia page gets flagged for lack of notability, it will be difficult to have a page in the future (unless you rise to superstardom). Lessons learned: Be happy with your KG. You get six subject headings (e.g., albums, born, origin, record label, etc) to tell your story. If you rise to "celebrity status", someone will create your Wikipedia page, and this will avoid the problem of your KG being deleted. I hope this helps.

Orphan status[edit]
Please study the introduction of this essay on making solid arguments in deletion discussions.
Delete Is an orphan. No articles link to this one, and probably none ever can or will. – Foster Parent, 03:29, 22 August 2007 (UTC)
Delete Is part of a walled garden. This is a group of articles that has no relation to anything else on Wikipedia, so Wikipedia has no place for them. We should delete them all. – Juneau, Alaska, 03:29, 22 August
An article being an orphan (having few or no incoming links) can pose some problems. But it does not show a lack of notability, and therefore is not a valid reason for exclusion. An orphan is still capable of having reliable sources, and many do.
De-orphaning articles and providing incoming links is a goal in improving the encyclopedia, not a requirement. Many orphans were created by newbies who are not familiar with the need to add references or to create incoming links. Some subjects are just very hard to link from anything. If reliable sources can be provided, even if incoming links can't, it is still notable.
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