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Bad Review

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My business is Warren Legal Services, PLLC at 103 N. Houston St., Royse City, TX 75189, phone 972-635-2888, and I don't even know how to find my Google+ URL.  However, you can find me on Google in Royse City.  A client who is prone to tantrums got upset that I had not completed the review of the documents she brought to me and posted a 1 star review.  Problem is that it's the only review I have, despite that I've done hundreds of cases.  I'm in a small town, and my reputation means everything to me.  Is there any way I can remove that or at least respond to it, or am I forever ruined by a mean, vindictive, soon to be divorcee, mad at her husband and taking it out on us with screaming and terrible language, THEN posting the mean review:

Tamara Hueston
in the last week
If you are looking for a timely response and to be made a priority, not to be compared to other clients situations, and be treated with respect than Ms. Warren and her office are not for you. She was hired to review trust documents, 2.5 weeks later a meeting about those documents had still not happened. After her paralegal made sure that I knew I was not a priority to their office they were immediately fired. I do not recommend this office at all and would advise anyone to seek legal help elsewhere.
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Re: Bad Review

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Hi Carol


Firstly, your Google business listing is here:


The listing is verified (tick next to the round image), so it will be on your Google account.  


You can access the dashboard by logging in with your google account at business.google.com.


Once in your dashboard, you'll see an orange box that says Reviews.


You can reply to the review by clicking the manage reviews button.


As far as having the review removed - I don't see anything in here that goes against the guidelines, so it's highly unlikely it would be taken down.


I don't know what, if any, restrictions there may be on lawyers asking for reviews from other customers.  Your best bet is to bury this bad one with other positive ones - over time.  It's very important your review gathering strategy become an on-going part of doing business, rather than a burst of good reviews and then nothing.  


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Bad Review

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I am new to participating in a forum like this so I'm not even sure this is where I should be writing this; hopefully it will reach someone that can help.


I am a small business owner and have worked very hard to gain a good reputation, I have all 5 star reviews up until a couple of days ago. We rent out party equipment and during some busy parts of the year we sell out of some products. We were unable to take an order because we were sold out and the person gave us a 1-star review "unwilling to help". It seems unfair to get a 1 star review from someone who never received your services and after searching it seems there is no way to defend myself or dispute the review. Any help would be much appreciated.   

Bad Review

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Hi Jay


Understand you're new to the forum - so for us to continue the conversation could you start your own thread?  It helps keep conversations and the forum better organised.

Regarding your situation.  
This is a tricky situation for Google, and they won't remove the listing unless it violates their selected T&C's.  Reason being, they have no way to know whether the person ever did business with you or not, and whether you're simply wanting a bad review taken down that had been earned.  Not saying you are, it's just that's how a situation could play out.  (And Google isn't the only one operate this way, FB is the same)

You have a couple of options, do as many as make sense.

1) Approach the reviewer and see if you can work something out.  That reviewer can edit or remove their review on your profile.

2) Respond to the review.  Log in to your dashboard, go to the reviews section and respond.


If you don't have one already, it's also a reminder to put a reviews encouragement program in place.  One bad review would be then seriously diluted by the positive ones.  The occasional bad review will happen to any business.  Dealing with them well can help your business shine.

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