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Assistance required / Help

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Hello, my name is Dragan Kajtez and I need assistance.
I'm Local Guide Level 5 and I was be Regional Lead at Map Maker, also I am part of many other Google programs.

Friend of mine from Belgrade works in company (Euronet Services Office) that works with ATMs, that company is not closed but some ATMs (Euronet Services ATM) does not exist anymore.
Those ATMs are verified and they dont know email and password for Google My Bussines account because person who owned that account does not work there anymore... They need to delete those ATMs because ATMs does not exist anymore. Still problem is when someone search for atms or that company they got results for closed atms, they do not want that...they want do delete completely those locations or at least make those locations of ATMs invisible in search.

Can you do something about that or can you tell me what to tell him, is there some procedure?

Those are the links to ATMs locations:,20.4242423,18.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s...

I know that ATMs locations are selected as Permanently closed.
But problem is when someone search for atms they got results for those atms also, they dont want that.

Assistance required / Help

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This would be annoying, but you could try to re-verify the atms locations with a new account and then permanently delete them. 


I'm not sure how you verify atms though...

Assistance required / Help

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Hi @David L, well I did not verify atms, company from Belgrade did over Google My Business. But my friend who works in that company now have a job to do something about this...


Company want to delete all those atms completely, and they dont know email and password of email that is connected with GMB.