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Asking TC & Staff Feedback On Proliferation Of Shared Office Space

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Hey to all the awesome TCs who make this forum so helpful!


I would really appreciate you weighing in on a topic I am increasingly seeing questions about from local business owners and Local SEOs:


More and more practitioners (chiropractors, lawyers, therapists, etc.) appear to be doing business these days out of shared office space staffed by a shared phone receptionist to whom calls are forwarded and who then routes those calls to the different professionals or takes their messages. These practitioners don't have dedicated rooms/suites in the building and are not associated under a single business heading, like 'Green Tree Clinic' or something like that. They may all be in totally unrelated professions. There is no parent organization for whom they work associated with the building, itself, so there is no Google My Business listing for some overarching entity that represents all the different workers. The practitioners are meeting clients face-to-face in these locations, but a lawyer might be seeing a client in Room A at 8 AM and a therapist might be using that same room to see a patient at 4 PM. 


I've been reading Google's guidelines since they were first published and want to ask TCs and Staff:


1) Do you feel the guidelines adequately cover the above scenario?

2) If so, which part, particularly?

3) Does this meet YOUR definition of a virtual office, or does the face-to-face interaction with clients make this feel different to you?

4) Google does not like forwarding numbers and wants numbers to connect as directly as possible with a business. Would foregoing the receptionist and using a personal phone number instead enable these practitioners to be more eligible for a listing, in your view?

5) What do you feel Google would recommend to practitioners in the above scenario, in terms of their eligibility or ineligibility for inclusion in GMB?


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I would be so grateful for your responses.

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Re: Asking TC & Staff Feedback On Proliferation Of Shared Office Space

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Hi @Miriam E


So a practitioner can have their own business page for a location.


So if Dr Dave meets at a location from 8am - 2pm on Thursdays, that is what his business page needs to stipulate.


For Lawyer Bob that might be in Room A one week and Room B next week I don't think that needs to be stipulated, as Long as he is at that Main location address and tel number on Wednesdays between 9am - 3pm.


In theory practitioners could have listing for 10 different locations that they practice at and on certain days.


But I would urge them to consider that they will need to maintain all those pages and if a customer reports that they were not there on that day and a team member calls to check, then all their pages are in jeopardy of suspension, possible permanently.


So if some practitioner happens to spend 2hrs a week at a location, then is it worth him actually creating a business page for that ?


The tel number should be the main tel number for that locations reception desk. It should not be  a call forwarding number located in another part of the country.


Personally, if a practitioner is relying on a business page for a virtual office that he attends once a week, for business / marketing then he is going about his marketing completely wrong.







Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Asking TC & Staff Feedback On Proliferation Of Shared Office Space

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, Tim! I appreciate it.