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Appropriate Category not available but competitors have it

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The closest category for our business is "Sports Complex". However, there are multiple organisations in the immediate area listed as "Soccer Club".


Even when you search for Sports Complex, we do not appear until you are zoomed into the absolutely immediate area.


Is there any way of accessing this more appropriate category? Or updating the listing to include something more applicable such as soccer league, soccer program or soccer club.


On a less important note, we added extra photos and changed the cover photo . . . but the old one still displays.


Thank you



Footy Sevens

296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

289 632 1855,-79.7869233,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x...

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Appropriate Category not available but competitors have it

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For some reason Google have restricted businesses to 1 Category as some anti-spamming measure. Personally I do not understand why a business would advertise a service they do not provide. And you cannot use custom categories anymore. And only Top Contibutors can suggest additions as I recall.


Your problem is that the word soccer or football is not in the name?


When I try to suggest an Edit it complains that the red pin is not in the right place. If its at an entrance to the sports complex that may determine why you are only offered that Category. Try to add location geolabeled photos of the field(s) to the your website or on a search result for the sports complex.


I assume the address is of the complex





There was a ''Construction and Design'' company who chose a Category of ''çontractor'' and did not show in search as the category was not in the name. When adding 'design' in to the search he came 4th because it picked design out of the name. The problem with one category he could not show he had a 'Building Design'' service as well properly.


Contacting Google direct and asking for help may be needed.

Re: Appropriate Category not available but competitors have it

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Hi @Chris S


not quite sure I misread or misunderstanding the question.

But suppossed your issue is not finding the category "soccer club" I can sheet some light on it:


Google encrypted this category internal as "gcid:soccer_club"

And this encrypted parameter is available for the US Userinterface as category "soccer club"  in the US.

In Canada the same encrypted parameter is availabel as the category "Football club"

YOu wil have the same search results if using "Football club" or ""Soccer club"  for a business having specified in Canada "Football club

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Re: Appropriate Category not available but competitors have it

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When I went to submit an Edit only the Category on the listing was available.


Which I assume Google already had for the address.


There is clearly a problem with Googles poor choice of only allowing one Category from their limited list. With no adequate system for getting more real world ones added.


And issues with çontainer'businesses which are genuine independent businesses which have the same legal/moral rights to appear in search like businesses who happen to permanently lease or own a land/floor space.


If your business name does not include the chosen Category then you do not rank well. Adding another word in the business name, but not in the Category, bizzarley does improve ranking.