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An unknown google user "suggested" that my verified business is permanently closed?

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Hello, our business (Standard Deviant Brewing, 280 14th Street, San Francisco, CA 94611) is verified with Google My Business and we are in control of the map listing editing page.  However, it appears that an unknown google user (not us) suggested that our business is permanently closed, and Google Maps accepted this suggestion without our consent.  I discovered this by accident, logged in to our Google My Business page, and corrected this, but it will take "several business days" to be reviewed.


Why does Google Maps automatically accept a suggestion from a random user?  Shouldn't the verified business owners have control over this?


Additionally, our business is in the space of a previous business which is now closed.  that business was called "Ken's Wheels" or sometimes "Honda Auto Repair".  Both of those businesses are now closed, and have been replaced by our business, Standard Deviant Brewing, which is now open.


Please advise. Thanks.




Re: An unknown google user "suggested" that my verified business is permanently closed?

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You can actually see who was recommending a change to your listing in map maker. Here's your profile. Just hit 'details' and 'history' and you can scroll down the list. 

If it was a person that suggested the change, then they'll usually show up as anonymous2532 or something along those lines. When a person makes a change, then there's absolutely a huge process that goes through to update things... nothing goes through with a manual review by an actual human volunteer on Google maps. Unless you have a history with mapmaker, suggesting changes can be more an exercise in futility than anything else, though if the edit does go through, I'm not sure if you're notified or not as the business owner. 


If it says Google made the change, then it was either you (or someone else who has access) making a change in the GMB dashboard, or it was Google automatically updating your business information based on what it thinks it knows about you from other sources. That's what happened in this case... either from something on your website, or from something on one of the other sites online (Yelp, yellow pages, etc) Google somehow got the idea you're closed. Keep an eye on things, if this changes again, then you've got some clean up work to do somewhere. 

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