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All Business Listings not showing in Search or Maps

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Hi, I have been trying for forever to have all my business locations to show in Search and Maps when the business name (Repro Products) is put into Maps or Search. Currently, it is only showing the main office, but I would like for it to show both locations. Similar to this:Home Depot.png


We have two listings

Repro Products, Smyrna location:


Repro Products, Roswell location:


What I want to do is have both show in Google

Repro products map.png


Can anyone provide me with some insight as to how to make both show? THey are in the same city. I am optimizing and sending content to both Google+ pages. And I have created location pages for both locations on the website. 


Anytime I ask for support from Google, they tell me the same thing. Optimize, post and wait. I have been doing this for over 6 months. It is not working!


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Re: All Business Listings not showing in Search or Maps

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Hi @Repro P


Other than trying to get reviews for your Roswell location I would focus less on its Google+ page and more on "citations". Currently there's very little information out there for Google to find about your second location. A search in Google for its phone number or address will produce very few results for the business, mainly just your website and a Yelp listing that has the business name as "Repro Products - North Fulton".


Try doing a search for: Repro Products North Fulton
You'll likely see the two listings appearing as you're hoping they would for just 'Repro Products'


There are other factors that are involved, like where you are when you're searching, but lack of "local business citations" for your newer location is a big one, in my opinion. And I would change the business name on its Yelp page to just Repro Products.


Take the time to look through these two articles by Tim Capper for some helpful tips and more info:

Ranking Factors of a Google Business Page - (particularly the Local Business Citations section)

Boost Your Local SEO & Business Visibility in Search - (particularly the Structured Data Markup section)

TomW, Google My Business Top Contributor
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