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Added 2nd location / google map disappeared from Google search

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I recently added a new location - our first location was in Ithaca, NY and the new one is in Manhattan.


Before adding the Manhattan location the map would show up on the right hand side of a google search (for the original Ithaca location). It took a while for the new Manhattan location to show up at all on google maps. Now it does but the issue is that neither location shows up on a google search.

The search terms I'm using is "proper puss" the business name (a waxing salon... NOT anything sketchy ;)

Any suggestions on how to get (preferably both locations) to show up on the google search page?

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Re: Added 2nd location / google map disappeared from Google search

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The good news is the Google+ pages still show up when you search for each branch (proper puss manhattan etc). Usually Google will display the Google+ page of the nearest location to the searcher. But I believe what you are trying to get is both locations to show up when someone searches your brand?

I believe it all boils down to how much trust Google has in the locations for the business. How long has the new Google+ page been live? It might just take a while for the trust to build.
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Re: Added 2nd location / google map disappeared from Google search

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Hi Evan


A couple of suggestions for you, to get things back on track.




I would add header, brand this up. 




Add logo, header and a business description ( dont copy other one ) add some location info


On your Website Location pages:


1) Below Fb & twit widgets, add the relevant G widget linking to the corresponding correct google local business page


2) get your developer to schema markup the address just below the widgets :


3) build up some local business citations "for both businesses"



The intention of the above is to link the correct pages to the correct locations, so google understands what belongs where, with a search result. It will also help boost the local business pages for people searching locally




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