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Account suspended & website TOTALLY removed from index! What??

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Somehow through the transition from google local>google places>My Business, we ended up with 2 Business Listings. One always shows up in the map view, and the other has been largely ignored.  Yesterday, I tried to update the one we always use and was told it was suspended. Eventually, I got an email indicating it was due to a duplicate listing. Simple enough....I can just delete the duplicate, keep the one that's been seen 100k+ times, and move on!?!?!  Nope...not so fast.


The first issue I'm seeing is that our website is no longer being displayed in the local results (map view).  It has the business name, phone number, reviews etc...but no website link. This is quite odd as it's always been there!  A little more digging made me SICK to my stomache though....our entire domain seems to be 'black-listed' from ALL google index results! is the site.  As of this morning, a google search for the domain itself yielded no results. Interestingly, webmaster tools is showing no anomalies (no crawl errors, shows the pages all indexed, etc). I've re-submitted the URL for indexing and also tried reaching out to google support, to no avail. For the last 8 years, the site has ranked #1 for about 30 local search terms, and its sub-pages are indexed very, very often.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what may have caused this? This is our livelihood, and right now our website is basically missing from the internet (without google, nobody will find us!). 

Like I said, if you search for us now, you DO see our google local (my business) page in Google Maps view...however the link to our website is no longer there. From the back-end, it shows the URL being entered...but it doesn't show it to users on maps, or my business.  Not sure if this is associated with the problem, or not???

ANY help would be appreciated...I'm losing a lot of sleep over this. Thanks!

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April 2016

Re: Account suspended & website TOTALLY removed from index! What??

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Hi @Akron B


I feel your pain - that must be very frustrating.


This question though isn't something we can help with on the GMB forum  as it does deal with your website being (for some reason) blacklisted.


You'll need to seek assistance from the Webmaster Tools (Search Console) experts over at!forum/webmasters


I'm sorry I couldn't help further.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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