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Acceptable names for businesses

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I have a question about capitalization rules for business names when creating a GMB account. Are names with capitalization that don't follow standard English conventions permitted for GMB accounts? The reason that I'm asking is that I'm a regional lead for Google Map Maker (a volunteer, not a Google emplyee) and my role is to approve or deny edits to Google Maps. Today I encountered an edit proposing a name change for a business from "MoneyGram" to "Moneygram". I replied that I didn't see much point in changing the name and that if the business wanted to capitalize the "G" in its name it had every right to and that should be respected. I was informed that Map Maker policy was only to allow the capitalization of the first letter of a word (leading to absurdities like Mcdonalds or Iphone). The GMB guidelines below seem to imply that "MoneyGram" is acceptable as long as that usage is consistent with their web site, storefront, etc. Can someone clarify the rules for names in GMB? Thanks. 


Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, my attempts to search always seems to end up in the Adwords forum.








Your name should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on your storefront, website, stationery, and as known to customers.

Any additional information, when relevant, can be included in other sections of your business information (e.g., "Address", "Categories"). Adding unnecessary information to your name (e.g., "Google Inc. - Mountain View Corporate Headquarters" instead of "Google") by including marketing taglines, store codes, special characters, hours or closed/open status, phone numbers, website URLs, service/product information, location/address or directions, or containment information (e.g. "Chase ATM in Duane Reade") is not permitted."

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Re: Acceptable names for businesses

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@Dan M

Since you are in the GMB forum the naming rules for GMB pages are published in here 

And as far as I  understand them just only words in  ALLCAPS like "MONEYGRAM" are forbidden as part of the name.


I can't find in in here any thing against names like "MoneyGram".

But as a RL you should ask about this the gurus of the MapMaker RL group in case its a bout a POI not claimed yet.

However and in case  "MoneyGram" or "Moneygram" is a claimed (verified) business page our rules  in here are to apply.

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