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A few question related to using Google My Business for auto dealers

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Dear Team,


Hi! I have a few question related to using Google My Business for auto dealers.

One of my client wants to use Google My Business to manage their auto dealers.

It makes me curious about following questions.


1) Should my client use URL including their business domain?(for example, or, Would there be any problem if they just use Gmail account?


2) Is it possible to put all dealers located in six countries into one account?


3)language Issue

-If they manage all dealers in one account, would there be any problem with language issue?

-Is it possible to register two languages for one auto dealer?


4) Is it possible to re-register the auto dealers who already had been registered in GMB into new accout?

If so, would there be any problem or issue?


Thank you for your help in advance!




Hyung Kyu, Ham

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April 2016

Re: A few question related to using Google My Business for auto dealer

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Hi HyungKyu,

1. Your client can use any, Must it must associated with Google. Like you can create account with same id.
For an example: (for domain you need to create business account)

2. You can create with this with different account and can have Manager rights in your mail.

3. Google only allows multiple listings in different languages for the same business location for those countries where there is more than one official language.
The emphasis of Google Places is in Local listings but you make a good case for having the functionality to translate the Local listing page to different languages for certain type of businesses that may appeal to an international audience.

4. Yes, It could be. But you need to create and verify again. Also you need to delete the current one. It strongly not recommended. Business can not have multiple listing on same address.

Hope this helps!

My 2 cents!