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A) How to get my google+ page to show up better in organic results + B) updates going to wrong page

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Subject: A) How to get my google+ page to show up better in organic results + B) updates going to wrong page Business name: My business has been called <I Love Oxford Tours> but as I am about to split the site into two sites and move the primary business aspect of the site (offering tours) onto a new site soon at, I have just renamed my google plus page today to, <Visit Oxford Tours>Business address registered with google plus is 15 Broad street, Oxford, OX1 3AS.Please note however that I own no shopfront- that just happens to be where most of my tours start from and customers are advised therefore to meet us.Business phone numbers are (44)7955482637 and (44)2079657523Business google plus page address at I have an additional google plus page address (where updates are being sent to but which I don't want them to be sent to is a profile at folks. I pay lots every month in google adwords campaigns but when it comes to free organic results to display my business google plus page, my competition beat me hands down, even though their google plus pages get updated less than I update mine. What I want therefore is for my google+ page to show up in organic google searches for the keywords that I compete for, such as eg <oxford walking tours> or <oxford cycle tours> but instead my competitors pages show up, even though they almost never add any new social media content to their static google plus pages.Part B) SMARTPHONE UPDATES BEING GOING TO ANOTHER PAGE ADDRESS:Meanwhile, I am adding loads of updates via my smartphone but for some reason, if I add photos etc, the updates always get published to my page called <ILoveOxford University Tours> which is at, what I want is for my updates to be sent not to the above page but to my business location registered page called <Visit Oxford Tours> at

I am wondering if Google plus treats my first google + page as no more than a personal user profile and so doesn't publish it in searches on google, whereas my following pages listed below, it does seem to sometimes find. The issue is that what I want google to do is to show whichever page is getting the most updates and content and that would be the page following, which my smartphone always send updates to viz. my page called ILoveOxford University Tours at
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A) How to get my google+ page to show up better in organic results + B) updates going to wrong page

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frankly said @ILoveOxford U

you make more mistakes as you should have done  as an attendee of the Stirling university.

The bads starts creating a misused (not to say abusing) personal G+ profile under the name of a business - I refer to oyur personal G+ Profile  "ILoveOxford UniversityTours


Next weirdbad is having created a business listing under a name "Visit Oxford Tours" not being the name you are trying to promote as "ILoveOxford UniversityTours" or "ILoveOxford"

Its this service area business listing


This way merging personal stuff with bsuiness stuff you will do what your get confusing google to confuse the results you expect.

My advise:  

delete or edit  your personale profile to your personal name and make your business listing as it should be in order best to find

There is a HC article you should read:




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