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404 on google+

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Hi all,

I was literally sitting in front of the computer with a friend looking at  their g+ page when it suddenly gave a 404 error. They asked me to see what I could find out so here I am.

travel insurance saver

663 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

(03) 9427 9223

The address is  tied in  with their other similarly branded product/business, perhaps they should try move  the location marker a little?

cheers andy

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Re: 404 on google+

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Hi Andrew

Can your friend see any error listed for this page when they go to

You've said the business is tied in with other similar products - what are the Google+ or Maps URLs for those products?

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: 404 on google+

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Hi Andy,

Seems your page is not verified and live to be on Google Maps. Moreover, there seems to be a similar business in same address with same phone number by name: Aussie Travel Saver

As per Google My Business Guidelines, you cannot have more than one page in any given address and cannot use a phone number more than once. Your Listing is likely to get duplicated in case it goes through the verification process. Moreover, in street view (Though from August 2014), we could not locate your business in 663A Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia. If your business has a storefront, we suggest you upload a storefront picture of your (Taken possibly from the street) and upload it on your listing.

Please amend your business information to make it more unique and then request a verification code. If your business information is unique and passes verification checks, your business would be live on Google Maps in no time and the page would reappear in Google+.


Re: 404 on google+

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Sounds like a good plan, your advice is appreciated, thankyou. Andrew

Re: 404 on google+

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hi Priya, thanks for your time. I am confident that Sujay put us on the right track. I have sent the link of this discussion to those whom it may concern at Insurance/ Travel Saver so that they may proceed to amend their details. Loving the support, everyone here is really helpful and the answers seem easy to find with a little research. Great! Thankyou again.