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4 years and Google Maps still isn't showing my business correctly! Help!

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FOUR years ago I changed brokerages from Keller Williams to Palmer House Properties.  I updated info on business page, submitted edits, ect...and the site was changed from "open" to "closed."  I'm STILL in BUSINESS!  In January / February I thought I finally found help, a guy called stated he was sending me a new verification code.  I received it, entered it, and all was great for a very short time.  I check it this month, it's back to all the same old info.  I suggest edits, someone calls, I verify info, it's STILL Keller Williams and stated that, once again, my business is CLOSED!  What is going on?  Anyone know how I can finally straighten this out - I am at wits end.



Spivey and Associates of Keller Williams Buckead

2365 Peachtree Rd, Ste B

Atlanta, GA 30305




Spivey and Associates of PalmerHouse Properties

2911 Piedmont Ave

Atlanta, GA  30305


Re: 4 years and Google Maps still isn't showing my business correctly! Help!

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It says the business is verified, why are you using suggest an edit to make changes? In general, suggest an edit is just a last ditch effort to try and change something when it's not possible to get control over the listing. Every edit needs to be manually approved by an actual human, and even if they do Google can (as you've seen) overwrite the information with things it sees about your business elsewhere on the internet. 

Do you know what account the business is claimed in? You said there was a verification postcard, now that it's verified you should be able to log in at and make any changes to your profile that way. Any changes there should stick without any problems, since it looks like your new information is listed in many more places than your old information. 

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Re: 4 years and Google Maps still isn't showing my business correctly! Help!

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Yes, so everything in my account is correct but the
listing that shows up is not.

Re: 4 years and Google Maps still isn't showing my business correctly! Help!

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Hi Jennifer - It looks like you have quite a bit of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) confusion out there. Occasionally Google will suggest (and make) updates to your page based on what it finds around the web so you want to pay attention to our Google Notices as they'll email anytime they attempt to do this.

As far as the business showing as closed, from what I can see it only shows that because it's after your business hours. The page isn't showing as permanently closed.

Where to go from here:
1) Firmly establish what your business name is and make it CONSISTENT everywhere. Update your Google page again, then do the same for Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare...the list goes on. Do a search for every variation of business names you have used and try to spot all that you can. With some websites it can take quite a bit of work to verify the listing and clean it up.

2) Since you are a licensed professional (realtor) and you serve clients directly, you are allowed to have a Google page for yourself as well. Looks like you already have this ( This should only list your name and your credentials, not the name of the business you work for. Once you fix that, same drill in getting any mention of your name as a professional cleaned up and consistent across the web.

Once you clean this data up for your business and your name, Google *should* no longer be able to find any inconsistencies and will stop trying to update your profile for you. Your fail-safe is just to pay close attention to any emails from Google My Business so you can catch any changes before they go live.

Hope that helps!


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