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4 listing not verified

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I have submited 5 location to verify and it only verified 1 location only. The problem is the 4 location is project site with no office and person in charge there. And futher more the 4 location is new develope site with no people serounding thus fail the google verification postcard to recieve.

!. Kowamas Development Sdn. Bhd. ( verified and publish)

2. Kowamas Pinggiran Kemumin. ( Not Verified)

3. Dataran Kowamas. (Not Verified)

4. Pinggiran Kowamas Melor. (Not Verified)

5. Kowamas Pinggiran Banggol Machang. (Not Verified)

I would like to suggest that all google verification postcard send to our main office, Kowamas Development Sdn. Bhd. PT2225, 1st Floor, Jalan Long Yunus 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.,102.2552292,17z/data=!3...



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4 listing not verified

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@Jailani M


this isn't possible.

Verification PIN will always sent to the accordign business location as this is reason and purpose of the verification to get sure the business exist at hte specified location

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