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3 Businesses at Same Address

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Can 3 separate businesses which are all open to the general public be listed in Google Businesses using the same address? We have our original business that was confirmed quite a while ago.


Snow Creek Jack Russell (Jack Russell Terrier kennel)

26058 E. Snowcreek Rd

Amite, LA 70422


I would like to add 2 new businesses at this same address if this is accepted. The 2 new businesses will be the same type of entities, but they are both for different breeds of dogs.


1st business: (Scottish Terrier kennel)

2nd business: (Beagle kennel)


My question: Would it be okay to add these two kennels as separate businesses in Google Business listings using the same address as Snow Creek Jack Russell (26058 E. Snowcreek Rd)? We can follow the verification process as normal, receiving the postcard that includes verification number.


Thanks in advance for your help with this.


Kind regards,


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Re: 3 Businesses at Same Address

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Hi @Chris M D,

First up, the guidelines:

Salient line:
Do not create more than one page for each location of your business, either in a single account or multiple accounts.


So the real question, in Google's eyes at least, is this one business or three? It's a pretty old trick to take one business, brand it three different ways, and then have one business that's very targeted at three different demographics. My favorite example of this even is also in the dog industry... there's a line of books that used to be at Barnes and Noble and such that dramatically increased sales when they took that one book, made some cover and minor text changes, and released that one book as 50 books, each targeted at a different breed of dog owner. It was still one book, but man.. people want to buy the one with the dog on the front that looks like theirs I guess. 

Your three businesses would be allowed three profiles if they were actually three businesses. Different registered business entities (my understanding is that Google does cross check with government records, among many other places to ferret out spam) different phone numbers, etc. With three businesses like this, all with the same categories and address, even if everything was 100% above board, I wouldn't be surprised if a spam filter was still tripped. 

In your case though, you've got the same phone numbers listed for all three businesses. As things stand, you absolutely shouldn't create 2 more listings. Same addresses in general is much less of a problem than same phone numbers, and two listings with the same categories, same address, and same phone number, even with different business names and websites, are absolutely going to get them both marked as duplicates. Don't take that as a suggestion to get new phone numbers though... I think you'd still be left with a time bomb, even if it didn't get caught right away. 

As far as what you should do instead... that's a little more of a tough one. Did you actually incorporate 3 different times, and file taxes as 3 different entities? Or is there an umbrella business name that you're just not using on your website and marketing materials? Even if you did have a more generic name you could use to more accurately reflect the range of services your business(es?) provide, there's still the problem from the guidelines:

Your name should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on your storefront, website, stationery, and as known to customers.

I'll be curious to see what other people have to say to you on this one. 

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Re: 3 Businesses at Same Address

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Hi @Chris M D


I'm with @james w on this one - this definitely looks like three 'services' rather than three distinctly different businesses and as such Google will mark all your pages as spam.


You can definitely talk about all your kennels - and even link to the different websites for the other two kennels - on the same Google+ page, but you can't create separate Google+ pages for them I'm afraid.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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3 Businesses at Same Address

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Hi James


I'm the in-house digital guy for a parent company who owns several different companies that do very different things. I'm having massive problems with getting multiple businesses set to the same address. I read all of your reply, and your points are very good. But the fact stands that shared work spaces ("the way things are going these days"...) need Maps and GMB listings for separate and contrasting companies, too. And I think it's ridiculous that Google is digging its heels in so deeply over this. Very archaic. 


This company, for example, does height access products for mining, construction etc, and this offshoot,, services and extremely contrasting and specialised market , so in my opinion a location for each at the same location makes absolute sense.


Any way of sending the big boys at Google the message? Haha.


Cheers mate - Neil

3 Businesses at Same Address

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Hi Neil:

Can you please start a new thread when asking questions? It helps keep things organized.

When you post, please provide the full information for the businesses in questions (name, address, phone) and exactly what you're struggling with (are the profiles 'pending review' after you tried to create them?)

Your case sounds like a very different one from the OP in this thread. The two businesses you're working with are likely incorporated separately, right? They have two phone numbers, two staffs, they're taxed separately... if they're legitimately two different businesses, you shouldn't have a problem. It's very common for many businesses to share the same address, there are many circumstances where that's very appropriate and to be expected. When you post your new thread, describe exactly what trouble you're having and we'll see if we can get it fixed.


Go ahead and mention me when you start the new thread (type "@James W") so I know you posted. 

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Re: 3 Businesses at Same Address

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I found ONE address with 4 business names



is that permissible in Google


if yes


how can i get the same?



3 Businesses at Same Address

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@siti a


Please read the previous response of @James W


It applies for you too.


I will now block this older thread for new replies


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