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28 5 star reviews that diapeared forever Google has no reason why they can't find them.

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Thanks for the reply


"do not see an entry with your one GMB entry search result at the moment." I am not sure what this means


"You said Google said you needed to hide the address by setting a Service area flag and area, and you were Suspended for that." Actually this was one of the issues mentioned after my page was reinstated and we entered into review hostage negotiations. The setting I had set was ok per several specialists and YEXT before the hostage negotiations. The reason given for suspension of my location originally was "The addresses used don't match the address of your business." after I explained my google email bill and adwords is attached to that address they stated at 2am in the morning "Based on the information provided, I'm happy to confirm that we were able to reinstate the listing for you. No further action is required on your part to verify at this time"


"I assume if you were using your partners address as well it was a second entry in your own GMB account." yes we both shared each others addresses as another location on GMB but it was removed before the attack.


"I am a bit confused when you refer to a Suite No if your partners address was elsewhere." We both used or at least planned on using  each others studios and meeting locations. We live in different wedding market areas about 30 min apart.  


"All your problems can stem from not having set the Service Area option on." I was told it was fine and then told to turn it on by another specialist when we entered into review hostage negotiations. At one time I allowed YEXT to control it I have fired them as they are partners with Google.


"The partners attack may have tirggerered gogole taking an interest in your GMB account and then Suspending it." I agree and honestly think Google reviews are currently like the wild west and you get gunned down for doing business near someone who has Google on speed dial. BUT that does not make it right that Google is party to selective enforcement or more like hitmen for other buissnesses


"Google do have people who go round checking listings and people do get suspended out of the blue for violations as a result. Luck of the draw." What's the odds on them targeting me at random after over 10 years listed with them on the same day I am threatened it would happen?


"I do not see how you have really suffered from the 'specialists' advice." almost 3 weeks of back and husband shutting down his business that we were told was ok...paying for an extra phone at another studio to make that listing ok ...that eventually will have to be shut down...28 5 star reviews being lost for closed down on google for a reason that could have been resolved by looking at my email account address...eventually having to transfer all my Google related services and products to more reliable and helpful companies. I may have missed somethings but you get the idea.


"If some one at gogole deletes reviews they have gone, or if a re-connection of reviews is done then the latest spam algorithm can remove some." there is the problem why are 28 reviews. All my reviews at the time being removed by a single employee or a algorithm? The bigger question is why are they all unrecoverable? 



28 5 star reviews that diapeared forever Google has no reason why they can't find them.

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I also would like to add the person who reported me did exactly the same thing I did. There account never came down and they still have their reviews. So it would be hard for me to believe it is about making google maps a better place, In fact you can view exactly what happens on this help page. about 10% or more of the complaints are hitman style requests. Those requests are treated with extreme bias and moved up the chain with that same extreme bias. To think that the best way to fix a map or review system is to be attack dogs for competition is a horrible idea. Lets be honest my location is far less like the real world then it was before. My customers in the real world have voices, phones, Google accounts and computers. On google map they are nothing more than silenced hostages whenever my competition wants them to be. That is not the real world. In the real world that would be a felony.     


28 5 star reviews that diapeared forever Google has no reason why they can't find them.

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Hey @Holly G


Thanks for flagging this! Please keep in mind that all of the other users and Top Contributors here are not Google employees. They are volunteers helping in the Community. I've looked into your issue and reached out to the Google My Business support team. One of their agents will be reaching out to you shortly. 






Allyson Wright, Community Manager, Google My Business
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