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2 Medical practitioners working from the same clinic (same address & phone number)

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I am busy working on two of my clients' Google Business Listing pages - based in South Africa.


They are both doctors, both work from the same practice, hence use the exact same address and phone number, but would like separate Google business listings.


What would be the best practice for setting this up correctly without running the risk of having their listings merged into one?


The current verified listing for doctor A is: [Firstname Lastname of A] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

The listing for entity B, that I need to still verify needs to be: [Firstname Lastname of B] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Will it be ok to use those names or are they too similar?

And can I get the second listing verified at the same address using the postcard method?


They both work at the following address - for example:

123, Business Park, Business Road, Suburb, City, XXXX


Can I use the same address for both listings? Or should I add something like "Suite" to the 2nd listing make it "Suite 123", even though they don't use suites?


Is the best practice to create 3 listings? 1 for the clinic, then 1 for doctor A and 1 for doctor B?

And would it be best to just call the individual doctor's listings by their full name...


... so just "[Firstname Lastname of A]", instead of "[Firstname Lastname of A] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon"?


I really appreciate your help with this. I would like to make sure I set it up correctly.









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Re: 2 Medical practitioners working from the same clinic (same address & phone number)

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@Sean T


I recommend to refer to their guidelines and therein the chapter "Individual practitioners (e.g. doctors, lawyers, real estate agents)" -> then link "Learn more" ->"Multiple practitioners at one location"

This also means:

From what I read as your background information I would avoid using the part "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" as part of the name of each individual doctor unless "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" is the official  name of practice of both.

For me  "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" is just a decriptor.


Having both listings as 

[Firstname Lastname of A] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


[Firstname Lastname of B] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

will likely considered by GoogleMyBusiness as spam if both use the same address and phone


If there would be (as told us  in the guide lines) a listing for the practice and listings for each doctor there is an other situation then.

[Firstname Lastname of A] Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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