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1 Google review showing twice

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A single (negative) review appears onthe search results page when people google my business name. Further to this the single negative review is split into 2, giving apparently 2 negative reviews. I have only been alerted to this when the Google alert came through for one of many 5 star reviews and what is there at the moment could have been there for months, which is horrifying.


I have been in business 21 years and have an EXCELLENT reputation, that Google is trashing based on 1 single opinion that they have chosen to duplicate. I understand everyone has an opinion, but to use this negative opinion (which is definitely vexatious) to ADVERTISE my business is completely out of order.

Kelp Hairdressing

18 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach NSW

02 9300 0808


If this can't be rectified quickly then I'll obviously have no alternitave but to shut it down.

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Re: 1 Google review showing twice

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Hi Brendan

What you're referring to is review snippets, and these are automatically generated.

Shutting your listing down will not necessarily help - Google isn't known for letting go of information once they have it. It's probable the information would stay in the search results, as Google knows the business exists.

Would you like to try an experiment? I've noticed the negative review is the only review you've responded to. I wonder if that's having an influence on the algorithm, causing it to put too much emphasis on that one review.

The experiment I'm thinking of is to respond to the positive reviews you've received recently - respond to all of them, thanking your customers for their feedback/review/business/etc. This may not have the desired impact, but I'd like to see if it helps bring positive extracts into the review snippets - if you're open to it.

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