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Your questions on the daily budget change, answered

We know it’s important for you to hit your advertising goals while staying within your budget. Overdelivery maximizes the amount of traffic your budget can support–making up for days when your ads don’t get as much traffic by spending more on days when they do.


Last week, we changed the amount you can spend in a day from 1.2 to 2 times your average daily budget. This gives your budget more flexibility to get the most number of clicks and conversions without going over your monthly charging limit. Over the past few days we’ve heard many of your questions and concerns, and we asked our product team to help answer them:


If my campaigns aren’t limited by budget, will overdelivery affect my spend?

No. If your campaign isn’t limited by budget, your monthly spend will remain the same. There are no changes to how your budget is spent for these campaigns.


If your campaigns are limited by budget for one or more days in the month, then you may see some variation in your daily spend. However, you’ll never be charged more than the monthly charging limit.


Will overdelivery of my daily budget increase the maximum I can be charged for the month?

No. The monthly charging limit remains unchanged. Even though you may see higher spend on some days, this overdelivery is balanced by days of the month during which your spend is below your average daily budget.


When exactly will my spend exceed my daily budget?

There are no changes to how spend is prioritized throughout the month. AdWords will continue to optimize your spend based on daily fluctuations in traffic, what you've spent on previous days of the month, and other factors. Your spend may exceed your average daily budget on days that are more likely to drive clicks and conversions. In general, the number of days where your spend exceeds your daily budget shouldn’t change.


Is it possible to spend my entire budget in the first half of the month?

No. Overdelivery provides flexibility during traffic fluctuations and isn’t intended to spend your budget quickly. Before the change, it was unlikely that you experienced 20% overdelivery every day and spent your entire budget for the month by day 25. Our algorithm continues to make sure your ads are delivered throughout the month by taking into account your past spending within the billing cycle.


What happens if I adjust my daily budget during the month?

There’s no change to how adjusting your budget impacts what you’ll be charged for the rest of the month. As before, when you change your budget, your spend for the rest of the month won’t exceed your new average daily budget multiplied by the remaining days in the month.

For example, let’s say you have a daily budget of $5, and as of November 24 you’ve spent $117. On the same day, you change your daily budget to $10. The maximum you’ll be charged for the month of November will be:

$117 spent so far + ($10/day X 7 days remaining) = $187

Learn more about how budget changes take effect.


Should I use “Standard” or ”Accelerated” ad delivery after this change?

There are no changes to “Standard” or “Accelerated” ad delivery. “Accelerated” ad delivery spends your daily budget faster. As such, your spend will be spread less evenly throughout the day, and overdelivery is more likely. It’s recommend to use "Standard" delivery if you’d like to ensure that your spend is spread evenly throughout the day. Learn more about ad delivery.


Is it possible to opt-out of overdelivery?

No. Overdelivery is designed to help you optimize spend for days of the month when you’re more likely to get clicks and conversions.


Will I be able to set a monthly budget?

Currently, you can't set a monthly budget within AdWords. However, you can still multiply your daily budget by 30.4 to determine what your monthly charging limit will be. Learn more about campaign budgets.


Does overdelivery impact how automated bidding works?

No. Learn more about automated bidding.

Marcy A

I hate this new deal.  It leaves no place for the small guy that only wants to do ad spend for 2-3 weeks instead of an entire month.  Now he cannot effectively determine what his budget for that time period. If he decreases his daily spend I am pretty sure he will be penalized for it.

Everyday F

You know I like going to Taco Bell because the Taco is the same every time I go. But then some yahoo thinks that the Taco needs to be changed when the customer only wants the same Taco.


You focus on providing relivant traffic but you keep making it more difficult and confusing to understand how to show relivant ads for the product that we are trying to sell.


This is just another confusing trick that is I think illegal to impose.


If I set a daily budget and you go over that daily budget then its no longer a daily budget.



Brett D

Thank God you posted this. The industry overreaction is unbearable. Next time, lead with this and spare us all!


That’s more clear now.




Dana R

I think it’s an awesome addition and change. What a great opportunity for more traffic and clicks!

Arshad k
Yess dear thanks
Julia_Muller Top Contributor
October - last edited October

Thanks, Spencer! Finally some good info.



RobSkelton Top Contributor



If your account is not running due to a failed payment, (and campaigns are active in AdWords), then will those days count towards the month. If the account is not running for the first 15 days of the month due to failed payment, could that mean spend  of 2x daily budget for the remaining days?


I ask this because I know some advertisers control when their ad runs by paying their AdWords bill (I know that they shouldn't...)


James_Clemens Top Contributor

Very helpful data to have posted. Thanks, Spencer!

Vik F

sorry can you make this clear for me:


If my Ads run 5days per week (excluding weekends), and hence approx 22days per month - for $10 a day - my usual charge would be approx. $220/month.


Now with the new 2x rule averaged to 30.4 days per month - does that mean i will be charged $304/month regardless if i have weekends paused?