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You're Losing Clicks by Not Using Ad Extensions

Google has shared with us that Ad Extensions will increase click through rate by 30% on average. If you’re not using them - you need to start. Ads are no longer text characters with a link. Check out how much real estate this ad from Geico is taking up compared to Progressive:


Geico has 4 different ad extensions enabled on their ad compared to none by Progressive. Look at how much more their ad stands out. AdWords has many different ad extensions and there are at least a few that are relevant to you or your clients business. I wanted to share some tips on a couple of my favorite ad extensions that are applicable to most businesses - Call extensions and location extensions. I’ve had great results using these two ad extensions. They can really boost performance if your target audience looks for your business on a mobile phone.

Call Extensions
Does your business have someone from either a sales team or from customer service answering phones? If you answered “yes,” then you’ll want to set up AdWords call extensions. In most cases, businesses see a higher conversion rate on the phone versus on their website. That’s not to mention that searches on mobile phones are set to outpace desktop searches in 2014, and that mobile users are most likely to make a phone call. I recommend using a Google forwarding phone number instead of your own, so you’ll to be able to measure results as shown below:


I had a large hospital client in Los Angeles that saw a 30% increase in phone calls to their call center after we set up call extensions on their campaigns.

Location Extensions
Adding location extensions to your campaigns is another opportunity to take up extra real estate with your ad and increase click through rate (CTR). As with all extensions, it’s important you consider if these extensions are appropriate for your target audience. If it’s common for customers to make purchases or ‘convert’ at a physical location, then I recommend enabling location extensions. You can either manually enter your addresses at a campaign level or link your account to a Google Places account. I recommend linking AdWords with your Google Places account because you also get to show ratings with your ad from Google Places as shown below:


You can see all the extra info you give to potential customers with enabling location extensions in your ads.

Parting thoughts
These are just a couple of the many different options AdWords gives you with extensions. You can add extensions to your campaigns with no additional cost. Remember to follow best practices and test what extensions work best for you. Look for my colleagues follow up post for tips on site links and review extensions.

- Ryan Campbell, Account Director at Add3

about Ryan Campbell

I am an experienced digital marketing analyst who has developed and managed search marketing campaigns since 2006. I have worked with clients across several industries to achieve improved ROI, improved lead generation and increased brand awareness.

David S
November 2014

How to activate the ad extension that shows a small image? I think a photo of a person would make my ad stand out.