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3.4K members online now
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What’s the difference between the “Accepted solution” button and the Stars rating?


There are two ways of rating posts and Wiki articles:


  • Accepted solution is a feature that helps to identify answers that solve users’ problems and make interesting material more prominent and easy to access. This feature is limited to a person who posts a question or a Top Contributor.


  • Stars are a quick way to rate individual answers, tips, and ideas. 

How do I know a reply was marked as a solution?

If a question was answered successfully, you might see a message displayed above that says, “Solved! Go to Solution.” Clicking that will take you directly to the solution.


So if you ask a question and get a very good answer that helped you solve your issue, please sign in and let others know by using this easy and simple feature. This way you’ll also let the person who answered your question know that they helped you, and other users who find your question will know that the answer might help them solve their issue too.


I found a better solution. What should I do?

Let everyone know. You can revoke the first choice and choose another message as a solution.


How do I use stars?

Stars allow users to acknowledge great answers, good tips, and helpful solutions. We’d like users to use stars to recognize good tips and tricks shared on the site. By clicking the +Star sign, the number will increase by one. You’re only allowed to give one star per post.

In the same way, you can also give a star to an AdWords Wiki (an article written by expert users) in the AdWords Wiki section of the community. Doing this will help other users recognize the work that added value and changed the way you’ve managed your AdWords account. The same rule applies here – only one star per article.


November 2013