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What is "googlesyndication"? | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi AdWords Community,


I’m Sonakshi from the AdWords team, and I’d like to share some information about a topic which although we rarely hear about it, it does pop up from time to time and can be unclear: “googlesyndication”


What does “googlesyndication” mean?


It’s a Google platform (more specifically, a domain) used to store ad content and other related sources for Google AdSense and DoubleClick. And no, it does not use any client-side tracking methods.


Not sure if I understood that correctly; please elaborate.


To understand it more simply, it is essentially a one-stop place where tracking information is kept about users who interacted with AdSense ads. For instance, ads the user clicked on, what category the ads fall under, etc. Based on this information, an inferred user profile is drawn in terms of what the user’s interests are, what the intended purchase behavior could be, so on and so forth.


And why do I see googlesyndication in my Referral traffic report in Analytics?


Referrals from tpc.googlesyndication.com are clicks on your DoubleClick or AdWords ads showing on the Google Display Network for which the destination URLs have not been tagged.


How can I do away with these? I want more specific reports.


If you notice tpc.googlesyndication.com or googleads.g.doubleclick.net appearing in your reports, check to see if auto-tagging is turned on in your AdWords account (under the gear icon in Account Settings) , and that your own campaign variables are labeled correctly.


I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, and we’ll address them in detail.





Cole D
March 2016



Auto-tagging is turned on and my campaigns are label but I still see referrals from tpc.googlesyndication.com.  What else can I do to stop display ads?  I have all of my campaigns on Search Network Only. 

Bilal A
April 2016

The PageSpeed Insights Tool is showing around 26 images from tpc.googlesyndication.com and is suggesting 30% reduction for its size. These images are effecting my Page Insight score.


Since these images are not in my control, how to tackle this issue. Can you send this suggesstio to the respective team to reduce the size of these images.



Havi G
June 2016

HI Sonakshi,

I am a Publisher and do not have any Adwords of DFP ad campaigns but I am getting an unordinate amount of referral traffic from tpc.googlesyndication.com (28,642 sessions since 4/1/16 with only 6 new users) 

We do, however, host campaigns via AdSense and DFP.

How do we get rid of this traffic? (It is also creating havoc with our tracking code as it has a value of (not set) for the landing page and we have not set landing pages - not good)

What do you suggest?

Warm regards,


John _
July 2016

How about telling us how you can prevent goolgesyndication from interfering with the back button on the browser??

Ranjit R
August 2016

I have seen on few blogs where that have a set of article in a section and that section looks like it is powered by Google, I checked and inquired and they said they have been using Google syndication this way when someone clicks on the post they gets visit as well as it is counted as 1 click on the adds as well. But, I am not sure I understood it.

Please let me know how I can show my articles in a section of my blog which would be counted as 1 click of add when a user would click on it for a visit?

Appreciate you help.

Ant H
September 2016

I am also seeing some referrals from googleadservices.com in some Analytics accounts. Is this basically the same issue but arising due to traffic from clicks within the Search Network (as opposed to the Display Network)?


Kate K
December 2016

What if your auto-tagging is turned on? I have reports showing leads coming in from googlesyndication but my settings in ad words looks correct?

Silvia S
January 2017

Can this hurt my store in any way?

Kumar G

Thanks Sonakshi


to clarifying the googlesyndication. i always wondor how that works but you resolve my doubt.


thanks again.

Nabid S

Hi Sonakshi,


I tried to upload two banner ads sized 485x60 and 647x60 in AdWords account. I found those ad dimensions tagged 'googlesyndication'. But both got rejecred due to mismatch of size/dimension. Could you please tell me is it possible to upload syndication ads on the Adwords and what are the allowed dimensions?    




Nabid Salman