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Ways to Reduce AdWords Payment-Related Suspensions | Part 3


AdWords accounts are continuously reviewed for suspicious activity, which may result in account suspension and ads not serving. Fraud associated with payments can lead to a non-fixable suspension. Here are a couple of recommendations to help you avoid payment-related suspensions:


Pay before the due date

Our team preemptively suspends accounts when the balance for advertising costs is overdue. If your AdWords account is temporarily suspended for payment related issues, your ads will not serve during the suspension timeframe and will only resume once the suspension is lifted. To avoid account suspension, we recommend our advertisers make timely payments.


Report suspicious payment activity

It's a good idea to regularly log into your AdWords account to check for any unexpected or unauthorized activity, such as changes to your billing information, ads, or budget. Abnormal payment activity can be easy to miss, but once identified is easily reported.


AdWords also has a feature that can help you manage who has access to your account by assigning unique logins and passwords to each user. It’s a good idea to only grant the lowest level of permissions that each user needs, and don’t forget to change the default invitation password regularly. It’s also important to regularly update the user permissions to make sure inactive users or employees who are no longer with the company don’t have access to your AdWords account.


Understand your payment method

Repeated declined payments and cancellations may lead to account suspensions. Learn about how your financial institution handles declined payments and how they handle claims of fraud.


These precautions take a little extra work, but they are worth the effort.


In case you want to appeal your account suspension, we are here to help. To get your account ready to go again, fill out our - Account suspension due to violation of Terms & Conditions appeals form.



Rapheal M
March 2017

Hi Cassie Hartt,  Great post. Please i need your help on this.


What is the difference between a low CPC and a high CPC.



If my total daily budget is $20 and i bid at $0.20 per click or i bid at $0.50. What would be the difference in how my ad is served?


Thank you for your much appreciated response.

Khari Posey
July 2017

Great post, regular checks on who's logging into your AdWords account is a must!