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Using the Keyword Tool to get keyword and ad group ideas


When I started off with AdWords, I tried to think of all the keywords that I wished to target. I managed to think of only my primary keywords! Even with that limited set of keywords, I did get a few leads bust at very high costs. When I started using the keyword tool, I realised there were so many keyword themes that people used to find my business that I was not even aware of! Ever since, I have started using the keyword tool to help me generate my initial list and then expand on my keywords throughout the life of my account. It helps me make the most extensive list including long tail keywords that cost me very little but get a lot of conversions thereby improving my ROI.


What is the Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool helps you find new keyword ideas related to your product or business. Keywords are the basis of your AdWords account. You can have up to 3 million keywords. The more keyword themes you target, the more number of search queries your ad is exposed to. The keyword tool provides generic as well as specific keywords that relate to your business. Match types is the best way to ensure you show up for the right keyword phrases. There may be keywords that are closely related with your keyword theme but not exactly what you do/sell and you may want your ads to be blocked for such keywords. The keyword tool helps you recognize such negative keywords as well.


Why use the Keyword Tool

Thinking of all the keywords that people may use to refer to your product/business is a tough job and may not even be completely accurate after putting in days of effort! The keyword tool helps you identify a wide range of themes in minutes by using just your website URL.

I have used the keyword tool for generating keyword lists using the home page and other primary pages for my clients’ websites. It has provided me different keyword themes to create very extensive keyword lists to start out with for all my clients. I have also used these themes to generate more keyword variations and identify negative keywords.


When to use the Keyword Tool 

Say you sell cellphones and cellphone accessories online. Imagine the number of products you would have – all brands of cellphones and accessories like cases, holsters, screen protectors, head phones, hands free devices, pouches etc... That would be a massive number of keywords to think of! The keyword tool comes in handy here! When you enter your home page URL, the keyword tool generates a list of keywords not only from that page but also pages that have been linked from your homepage. You can also specify primary keywords that you need variations of.

Another important feature with this tool is that you can specify the location you want to target. The suggestions the keyword tool provides are based on local keyword searches. It also gives the search volumes and estimated CPC bids may help in deciding the budget you would allocate to a particular keyword theme. 

Another major reason I would use the keyword tool is to generate my initial negative keywords. Say, for example, you sell sports clothing. The keyword tool would give you generic keywords like ‘sports’ and also specific keywords probably like ‘Manchester United home jersey’. If you choose to target the generic keyword ‘sports’, think of all the other words that may be related to it. I would ideally put all these generic keywords in the keyword tool and see the variations that it provides. It is most likely that you will find keywords that do not apply to your business like sports classes, sports coaching, sports equipment. These can be added to your account as negatives to stop your ads from showing up for these irrelevant keyword themes.


Tips on using the Keyword Tool 

  • Start with using you website pages. Move on to using primary keywords to get variations of those.
  • Use the ‘Categories’ to filter your results to help you narrow down to your primary keywords.
  • Use the advanced location and language settings for generating local keywords specific to the region you wish to target.
  • Keywords are not device independent. People searching from mobile devices may use shorter search queries. Use the advanced device settings to provide the keyword ideas and statistics for the device you wish to target
  • If you need to expand on your keyword basket, use your competitors website URL in the keyword tool. You may be able to identify new keyword themes to target!
  • Stay signed into your Google account to get search volumes and customized keyword ideas(campaign and adgroup selection on the top right)


Learn more

Read more about the Keyword Tool


Try the Keyword Tool Now! (Don't forget to sign into your Google Account for personalised results!)

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Aamir Usman
December 2012

I have little confusion. Should I use those keywords in our articles which show high search volume or not? I was reading some where that we should focus on those keywords which show low search volume because such keywords can improve your ranking and CTR. Whereas for high volume based keywords we have to work a lot and it becomes very difficult to get the first page. Is it true?

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