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Using ValueTrack To Generate Dynamically Changing Sitelink Destination URLs

Let’s take an example: Our friend Jim gets a client who is has an ecom website selling jogging shoes of several brands. Jim gets brief from client about the campaign that there are 500 brands of jogging shoes available on his ecom store. Jim goes through the website and comes up with a strategy for brand terms of these jogging shoes.  That along with ad copy he wants to show sitelinks which give user more information about the jogging shoes for each product.


He decide for search term “Brand A Jogging Shoes” He will show sitelinks as “Available Colors” , “Available Sizes” , he believes if these sitelinks take user directly to page which shows “Available Colors” and “Available Sizes” for “Brand A Jogging Shoes”  it can make wonders to his conversion rate . He sits down with a cup of coffee and his favorite spreadsheet program to create the campaign structure, creates campaign structure and 1st set of Adcopies.


That is where it suddenly dawns on him that if he wants different destination URL for each brand on Adcopy he will have to create different campaign for each brand. He throws his head back and thinks GOD creating 500 campaigns and managing them will he such a hassle. He thinks for a while and researches on Google, almost comes close with solution as he thinks of using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) in sitelink destination URLs  like{Keyword:default}. But he is heartbroken to find out he can’t use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) in sitelinks.

He decides it’s time to give a call to his buddy Nik again J

Nik comes up with a solution using ValueTrack.

He builds all 500 urls and sitelinks using his favorite spreadsheet program and the URLs look like these

Actual product URL:

Adcopy URLs :

Where only productid will change for each product like productid=3 for BrandA,  productid=4 for BrandB and so on.

Actual URLs for “Available Colors” page for Brand A: &tab=colors

Actual URLs for “Available Sizes” page for Brand A: &tab=sizes


Nik suggest Jim to have just one campaign for all the brand terms like “Brand A Jogging Shoes”  , “Brand B Jogging Shoes”  and segregate each brand in Adgroups

Having heard all this Jim gets back to his point about sitelinks.  That’s where magical ValueTrack comes in to picture and Nik gives him 2 sitelink URLs for the campaign

Destination URL for sitelink “Available Colors” : {copySmiley Tongueroductid} &tab=colors

Destination URL for sitelink “Available Sizes” : {copySmiley Tongueroductid} &tab=sizes


Jim was bit confused and asked “so if clicks on sitelinks for BrandA Adcopy what happens? Does he land on BrandA size and colors page?”

Nik reassured him “yeah Jim read the URl : {copySmiley Tongueroductid} &tab=colors, here Adwords will copy productid from main Adcopy URl which in case of BrandA is 3. So dynamically sitelink URL will become : &tab=colors. And same will work for all the brands”

Smiley Happy

So Jim owes Nik 2 beers now one for

 Adwords Integration with Lead Management Systems (LMS) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

And other for

 Using ValueTrack To Generate Dynamically Changing Sitelink Destination URLs

Words of caution:

  1. ValueTrack Copy parameter will work only if there is “=” sign in the URL, If you don’t have it then you will need to hire a decent enough coder to write conditional redirects.
  2. {copy} parameter can only copy values from the 2nd value after ? so if your URL is &tab=sizes. It will not copy productid to sitelink URLs. Again with creative programming you can make it work.
  3. Don’t run this unless you are sure of what you are doing
  4. Ref:

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Digital Marketing / Web & App Analytics expert with experience ranging from small businesses to very large portals. Across varied verticals like banking, travel, ecommerce, insurance. Google Adwords top contributor since 2013 and currently working with a leading Indian ecommerce portal. Aspiring writer, wants to be lighter!

November 2012

Great Post Nik.. Smiley Happy

Nityanand Shetty
November 2012

Very informative & Explained in a simple way.

Amarjeet Singh
November 2012

realy very good nikhil. will surely try for one of the client

ravi karandeekar
November 2012 - last edited December 2012 Zee Community Manager

Profitable tip. Thanks Nik!

December 2012

It's the best of article,thank you very much my friend THENIKS..from ICAH BANJARMASIN

Tony Disez
April 2013

Its a very good & useful post thanks for sharing it.

Tony Disez
April 2013

I really appreciate your creation. Thanks for making a wonderful post.

May 2013

Thanks a lot Tony 

Adie Konoe P
November 2013 - last edited July 2014 CocoP Community Manager

Nice Pos Nick

Laura E
November 2014

is your exalmple missing the square brackets though?


the adwords valuetrack page shows it like this {copy:[name]}, but your example doesn't include the square brackets.


also, do you know if we can use the existing keyword and matchtype valuetrack params directly in our sitelinks, or do we need to use the copy function for those too?