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Use the Consumer Barometer Tool to Your Advantage

Managing AdWords accounts is largely based around acting upon incoming data. Sometimes it’s not possible to dive straight into certain targeting settings, features and locations however due to a limited budget. This situation can leave us curious as to what could potentially be achieved if we had the means to explore these additional areas of AdWords. Thankfully, that’s where the Consumer Barometer comes in useful to provide us with certain insights before we make the leap.


Thanks to results gathered from studies and questionnaires, the Consumer Barometer helps us to understand some of the questions we ponder over, which ultimately could determine whether to expand our marketing strategy within AdWords.


Let’s take a fictional example of a company in the United Kingdom that sells a gadget to improve WiFi internet connectivity. They are already seeing success in the UK but would like to create a new campaign in an attempt to sell additional units in another country within Europe. By using the Graph Builder in the Consumer Barometer (see the screenshot below), it’s evident that both Ireland and Romania are open to the idea of new technology but still value data privacy and protection. This not only identifies two countries to potentially target but also reveals that it would be advantageous to highlight the level of data security tied to the product in both the ad and landing page content.


Consumer Barometer.png


The Graph Builder helps to address many useful questions based around technology, internet usage, shopping habits and much more. The usefulness of the Consumer Barometer doesn’t stop there however as there are also other sections of it, including the ability to compare digital trend data over time and also the opportunity to review curated insights. Even if you aren't interested in changing or expanding your business, I'd recommend playing around with the Consumer Barometer next time you have a free moment as there are some really interesting findings there. Check it out for yourself here and let me know what you think of this tool in the comments below!



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I have been managing AdWords accounts for over 8 years now at an international marketing agency level and also as a freelancer. I am very passionate about Google's PPC platform and pretty much anything else that is Google related. My theory in life is to learn something new every day and this community is definitely a good place to do so; I would recommend anyone reading this to stick around as it's an excellent source of information with great people contributing to it.

Ratan-Jha Top Contributor
January 2016

Great post @ScottyD.


Consumer Barometer is one of my favourite tools to get insights from. Whether creating a proposal for a new prospect or formulating expanding strategies for the existing ones, the insights are simply great. What could otherwise have costed thousands and thousands are available free. Smiley Happy


Ratan Jha



Yogesh J
January 2016

how can registered

ScottyD Top Contributor
January 2016

@Yogesh J, there's no registration, you can just jump in and start using it here - https://www.consumerbarometer.com/en/


Greg M
January 2016

Seems the key word is "consumer."


What if a company sells genetic tests for doctors that help customize treatment decisions for their patients? Will this tool be helpful?


ScottyD Top Contributor
January 2016

@Greg M, that particular scenario is too specific for this tool really. It's more suited for general consumerism as you mentioned.

Joshua R Rising Star
August 2016

Great article Scott!


I feel like the data available is a little limited so you need your targeted niche to be relevant but some if this data could be really useful when deciding big decisions like whether I use mobile, objectives (should i try for a QR code vs. coupon), and Time of Day. 



ScottyD Top Contributor
October 2016

Thank you @Joshua R!