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Use phrase or broad match versions of your high-quality keywords





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Overview of phrase or broad match options


Phrase match expands the amount of search terms your ad will show for, while still retaining a certain degree of control by allowing pre- and post- modifiers of a core keyword.


Broad match opens levels of traffic up even further by taking a keyword and allowing your ad to show for search terms containing these words in any order plus pre- and post- modifiers. Close variants and misspellings are also captured using broad match.


To control broad match it is advisable to use the broad match modifier where you select certain words within the keyword that must be present in the search term for your ad to show. This helps to retain a degree of relevance.

How do I/my clients use phrase or broad match versions of keywords? 


We first start with exact match keywords, and after collecting data from allowing these keywords to run, we quickly identity best and worst performing keywords to bring campaigns and ad groups in line with CPA goals to ensure positive ROI. Once this is achieved and we know which exact keywords are profitable, we know what traffic we want more of so begin to add phrase and modified broad match versions of the profitable keywords to open up the range of search terms our ads can show for.

Why do I think using phrase or broad match versions of high-quality keywords can be helpful?


It allows us to attract more traffic from keyword clusters which have proven to be profitable through exact match, thus increasing the ROI of the campaign while enabling the ads to show for long tail keywords that are unavailable using exact match only. It will also uncover potential new exact match keywords via the search term report in order to expand the campaign.

How did usage of phrase or broad match versions of high-quality keywords help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


By enabling us to increase the ROI of the channel by allowing our ads to show for more profitable search terms and increasing the amount of high quality traffic to our landing pages.




Oklahoma T
July 2014

So how do you adjusted you keywords to make them phrases/exact/broad?  It is easy in bing.  Why is bing so much easeir to use in general?