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Use estimated top of page bids and first page bids to show your ads above search results.

AdWords Community Members @Shafi Ahamed and Rising Stars @sumanppc and @Shuva Nandy teamed up to write this great article about bidding!


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Overview of top of page bids & First Page Bids

This is a bidding strategy available in AdWords Interface. It helps the advertiser to make better decisions based on their ads whether they are appearing in the SERP.


Difference between Top of Page and First Page Bid is Top Page Bids Estimates tells the advertiser the minimum amount that is required to show their on the top 3 position.Whereas the First Page Bid Estimates suggest the minimum amount that advertiser has to bid to show their ads on anywhere in the first page on SERP

How do I/my clients use top of page bids?

Top Page Bids allows the advertiser to get an idea about the bidding that required to rank his/her ad on the top position.the advertiser can find the Top Page Bid column in the adwords dashboad or if it’s not there you can add it by the following way:


Column > Customize column > est. Top Page Bid



Why do we think top of page bids are helpful?

Ads are on the top pages always have the heigher CTR than the ads which appear on the left sides.So your objective is to increase awarness or getting more clicks towards your site you should use it.


Q : Is it a guarantee my ads will appear on First page?

A : No, these are estimates served by AdWords system to make better planning decisions. Possible reasons, why your ad might not appear on first page can be found here.


Q: What is the influence of Keyword match types and Bid Estimates?

A : Bid Estimates are calculated based on the exact match keyword type only. For example, even if your keyword is on broad match or phrase match, bid estimates will be calculated for the exact match variant.


Q: I feel, Estimated Top Page Bid is too huge. How I can make a better decision.

A: Better way, is to look back into your account and head to ‘Top vs Side Ad’Performance Segmentation. If you see better conversions on top ad locations, you can go ahead with confidence.



Our experience with Top of Page Bids

Shafi Ahamed : Works really well for service based industries, especially when local vendors have more preference from the end customers (Like Restaurants)


Shuva Nandy :

Works really well if you want to increase the awareness & CTR%..


Daniel P
February 2017

Thank you for explaining this , I wanted to find out if there is a way to lower the CPC's to be in the same range as the estimated first position bid or the estimated top of the page bid. 

My CPC's  are very much higher than the estimated first position bid and ten times more the estimated top of page bid and my keyword quality scores are 10/10. Would lowering my keyword bids lower my CPC's