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Use Content Exclusions for Video Campaigns

This is part of our "5x5" series, in which we share five tips per week over the course of five weeks. We will share must-have tips about AdWords Editor, account optimization, ad-writing best practices, and much more. Make sure to explore the full series.

I’m a huge fan of being able to exclude site categories on the Display Network. Many of us have cringed when seeing relevant banner ads unfortunately placed next to articles or videos reporting terrible tragedies. Thankfully, site category exclusions help us prevent that happening in our own accounts.


If you do run Video campaigns, then you might also be happy to know that a similar sort of feature exists, allowing advertisers to avoid advertising in certain sections of the market. The screenshot below shows a few of these categories, but it’s worth highlighting that you can also exclude sensitive subjects, live streaming videos, and games, for example.


To do this, simply click into your video campaign from the live interface and then navigate to the Video targeting tab. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see a section in the bottom right corner called “Content exclusions.” From here, simply hit the red +Exclusions button and you will be presented with the same list of options as seen in the screenshot below.

Start using content exclusions for your video campaigns to save on both unnecessary costs and any sensitive situations!


30 Tips in 30 Days - Use content exclusions for video campaigns.png

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