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Use Ad Extensions to extend your ads, and share valuable information!

Community Members @ShashankSingh and @Sumanth Sridhar, and Rising Stars @ShroffS and John Paul Sing teamed up to tell us why you should be using AdWords AdExtensions!


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So first things first, what is an ad extension?
Ad Extension is a type of ad format (we’d say more of a feature) which allows you to show more useful and relevant information along with the ad to add more value for your users at no additional cost. You are only charged your CPC once.

Ad Extensions are shown mainly on ads at the top of the page. A few extensions like location & call are also shown on the ads which appear on the right hand side of the search results.



What are the different kinds of ad extensions, and when are they to be used?

Here are the different extensions and their use cases -


Sitelinks -
You can use sitelinks to send people to different pages on your website (deep linking). This is mainly used to highlight the variety of products or services you provide. This is most effectively used for generic keywords where you are unsure of what users are looking for.
For example, when someone searches for “Online Marketing“, we are not sure of the services the user may be interested in. Hence showing extensions like SEO, PPC, email marketing etc would make sense along with your ad.


CallOuts -
Use Callout exensions to showcase the USPs of the product. Ad texts have a strict character limit and it is difficult to showcase all your USPs. Callout Extensions give you the ability to highlight the USPs of your product/service. For example, Free Shipping, Same day Delivery etc

Locations -

These are great for driving more footfalls into physical stores. Ideal for brick and mortar businesses that need customers to walk in to make a purchase. eg - foot spa!



Call extension -

Driving customer phone calls for business that consider calls as their primary conversion. For locations with Google forwarding number, the call reporting feature can be used.

For example - airport taxi services with call extensions on mobile phones gets the user directly connected. Even for services with a call center that works only during office times, call extensions with ad scheduling can do wonders.



And there are even more extensions available!

Review Extensions - for building trust factor with the user.

App Extnsions - for business driving mobile app downloads. 


Social Annotations - showcase followers on Google+. Build trust factor with potential users specially when someone in their circles has +1’d your page.


Seller Ratings - To feature you online ratings as a trusted seller.



So, why should advertisers implement ad extensions?

When ads appear on the top slots, more extensions are eligible to appear which occupies more real estate on the SERPs. So, besides improving your CTR, extensions allows you to increase relevance thereby adding to your overall Quality Score.

Google rewards ads with better ad extensions with better positions when compared to ads with no extensions considering everything else remains the same.

Extensions give you a competitive advantage by offering additional information to users. All in all, ad extensions are a must and should be used for better performance, and the great thing is you can use them all at NO additional cost! Win!