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Unlock The Power of Google AdWords with Google Analytics

AdWords Top Contributors @pankaj1782 , @Neha Gupta , @theniks and @Rakesh Kumar  teamed up to bring us this article on Google Analytics.


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What is Google Analytics?

Any web analytics tool basically gets in to action after user starts a session on a website or an App and does not have any insight in to user behaviour on the source of the visit. But this is where GA differs from other web analytics tools. User behaviour pre site visit on Google adnetwork properties can also be tracked with Google analytics if AdWords / DoubleClick account is linked to a GA property. In fact as web analytics tool GA goes well beyond web and browsers and potentially you can track user behaviour patterns for handheld devices and offline / TV advertising as well.


Why is it useful for AdWords customers?

For AdWords customers Google Analytics is a one stop shop for all the data that is needed for optimizing the campaigns whether it be campaign / cost data or onsite user behaviour / conversion data. Google analytics also helps automating and customizing reports for Adwords campaigns and creating dashboards for each vertical or horizontal function in the organization with relevant metrics and dimensions.


Also for users who primarily work on AdWords interface if your AdWords and GA accounts are linked important metrics like bounce rate, goal conversions, pages per visit, etc are visible in AdWords interface as well.


Another advantage of using GA is you can look at all channels involved in conversions and then look at AdWords assisted conversions for a real value of your campaigns and help you optimize the same.



What information can you find in Analytics that will help you make decisions in AdWords?

There are several onsite metrics which play a major role in any digital campaign like bounce rate for campaigns / ad groups / keywords , etc and then take corrective actions either on AdWords side by changing the targeting methods or on the website side by changing content on landing pages etc.


Other important metrics which can be termed as micro conversions play a big role especially in the multi channel and multi touchpoint reality. These micro conversions for example are pages per visit, certain events, downloads which can even be tracked at search term level.


For eccomerce websites GA is practically a must as it can track several metrics and dimension which when married together will provides insights that stand alone AdWords metrics can never provide. For example cpc and ROAS, Average order value and CTR, etc