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Transition to New Ad Formats

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ads.pngIn 2017 I'm going to transition to the fantastic new ad formats that Google released in 2016. In particular, AdWords extended text ads and AdWords responsive display ads


AdWords Extended Text Ads


Unless you've been living under a rock in 2016, you have no doubt heard about Extended Text Ads. In January, everyone will be forced off the old text ads and onto the new ones. If you haven't already migrated, you missed the first mover advantage. With two additional lines of text, it's now possible to get extremely creative with your text ads. This also means that you can use proven copywriting techniques like AIDA more effectively. With all the new AdWords extensions and likely more creative ones in the pipeline, there has never been a better time to split test/MV test your text ads and really dominate the screen real estate of your search terms with your carefully crafted messaging.


Responsive Display Ads

responsive ads.jpg


Thankfully, we've finally seen the death of Flash in 2016. I'm grateful that Google axed it and no longer allows it as a display ad format. Thankfully, it was replaced with a plethora of new replacement ad units and one that I'm particularly excited about is the humble responsive ad. At first, I thought these little creatives were just fancy text ads and weren't worth even giving a shot. However, I was completely and utterly wrong on that. In 2016, apart from Gmail ads, the responsive ad format was the one that performed best for our clients almost universally. Unlike with ad gallery HTML5 ads(coming a close third) Responsive ads are super easy to create and edit in bulk. With AdWords Editor support, there's no excuse in 2017 to not be using these ad units. They're the lowest hanging of the fruit right now and so low, nobody is picking them!


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Scott H Badged Google Partner
December 2016

I figured that the transition to new ads would be pretty straightforward, but it's not. Early this summer I found that I couldn't use Adwords Editor to copy the ads from a clients old text ads area to the new expanded text ads area. You can't drag them over, and you can't copy and paste,then just fill in headline #2. Too bad ;(


Since January was so far away, I just blew it off, but this weekend I decided to try again, and AWE still won't allow it.   Instead, I figured a bulk upoload would do the trick.


I tried exporting the ads directly from Adwords, but when I open the spreadsheet, both headline columns are blank. I had assumed that headline #1 would at least be exported, so I could then manually add text for headline two.


Sure entering a second headline would be tedious for an account with hundreds or dozens of ads, but now, with both headline areas blank, it's almost impossible. 


Before we begin manually rewriting hundreds of #1 Headlines needlessly, I wonder if I'm missing something obviopus? Surely we're not expected to rewrite all the headlines from scratch, are we?






ApeMan Google Employee
December 2016

@Scott H

AdWords Editor has an option to export selected standard text ads as expanded texts ads (see Export as menu when Text Ads selected in type nav).

You can then import the generated csv as-is, or fill in Headline 2 as you prefer.

Scott H Badged Google Partner
January 2017

Thanks Apeman - Yep, I had to highlight the existing ads, then right click and "export as" expanded text ads.

What a time saver...