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Tracking Goal Funnels at Campaign level

If you really want to do this then brace yourself for a long haul this is not going to be one click process and will take a lot of time.


  1. Create a copy of this Google spreadsheet
  2. Click on tools>>script editor. This will open a new window
  3. In the new window click on resources>> Advanced google services
  4. Make sure status of "Google Analytics API" is on
  5. Click on "Google Developers Console" this will open a new window.
  6. In the new window turn on "Analytics API"
  7. Back to spreadsheet
  8. Click on Google Analytics >> Find profile / ids
  9. Replace your profile id in place of "ga:111111"  in cells B3 and D3
  10. Open tab called "Funnel Steps"
  11. Define your funnel steps in column B like step1.php* , don't forget * at the end
  12. Make sure that in the same tab cell E1 has validation as "Campaigns!A:A"
  13. Navigate to Tools >> Scripts Editor
  14. This will open a new window for script editor
  15. In new window navigate to Resources >> Current Project's Triggers
  16. It will open a light box , click on "Add New Trigger"
  17. From 1st select box select option "getData"
  18. From 2nd select box select option "from spreadsheet"
  19. From 3rd select box select option "on change"
  20. Click on save and close the window
  21. Back to your spreadsheet, Click on Google analytics >> Get Data
  22. In the tab called "gaconfig" change value of cell B10 to "=CONCATENATE("ga:campaign==",'Funnel Steps'!E1)"
  23. Now navigate to tab "Funnel Steps" cell E1 will have drop down of all your campaigns
  24. Select any campaign you wish from drop down and refer to tab called "Funnel"
  25. Your campaign level funnel is ready
  26. You can use this to create ad group level or keyword level funnels too by making some changes


Fine print: I have also tested this for non filtered funnel (for all sources) and while comparing it with funnels in analytics i have found discrepancy of about 5%. Which i believe will be present at campaign level funnels. This will not work if your page view report returns more than 10000 rows for time period you have chosen. By default settings this is configured to show data of last 30 days. which you can change in tab called "gaconfig"

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