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Top AdWords Updates of Year 2013

The Year 2013 was exciting year for AdWords Professional. Year 2013 started with hullabaloo about enhanced campaigns. AdWords has introduced and retired multiple features in last year alone . AdWords kept us busy to learn and test the new changes or features thorough out the year. Here I am combining major changes that were the hottest and important discussion topics among AdWords Professional.


Announcement.jpg1.) Enhanced Campaigns:- Year 2013 started with the Enhanced Campaigns setting. With the advent of enhanced campaign, an advertiser can target  single campaign on all devices.  As increasing the vogue of Tablet and Smartphone, users are giving more time on Smartphone and tablets, thus it is essential to target smart phone users so that an advertiser cannot miss the potential users who are busy on Mobile devices.                                                


2.) Bid Adjustment at Device, Time or location Level:-  With the introduction of Enhanced campaign, now the advertiser can target all devices users from single campaign. Thus AdWords added new feature that is called “Bid Adjustment”. Advertiser can now increase/decrease bid at the Device, Time and Location level. For example you are not willing to target mobile device or do not Mobile Website, you can reduce the Bid 100% at the Mobile level.      


3.) New Value Track Parameter in Enhanced Campaign:-  Google has introduced to new Value Track parameter for tracking activity on device specific landing pages. Now Advertisers can use {}{} in the keyword level URL. If click happens on mobile device, it shows the landing page “” and on tablet, desktop or laptop, it shows the landing page “”.      


4.) Upgraded Extensions:- As part of AdWords enhanced campaign, AdWords upgraded sitelink, call, and app extension to help us to reach people more effectively in this multi-screen world. Now we are able to set the Ad Group level extension, schedule extension and get the detail report of extensions.


5.) Remarketing:- Last year is not only remembered for the Enhanced campaigns but it is also known for Remarketing List for Search Ads(RLSA) and Dynamic Remarketing.     


  •  AdWords first time introduced Remarketing List for Search Ads, now advertiser is able to remarket and customize their search ads for audiences who have previously visited your sites.                                       
  • AdWords Long time waited features Dynamic Remarketing was launched for all clients with Google Merchant Center Account. Dynamic Remarketing allows an advertiser to reach the past visitors with automatically create customize ads of the product that people have previously viewed on the site. AdWords Dynamic Remarketing has three main features:-

                    a.)  Auto-Optimized Layout Features

                    b.)  Product Recommendation

                    c.)  Real Time Bidding Algorithm 


6.) Product Listing Ads:- In Order to make the user shopping experience better on Google search, Google rolled Product Listing ads. Product Listing ads are search ads that include rich Product information, such as product image, price and merchant name.PLA uses data attributes that you submit in your merchant center data feed.  PLA helps to bring more traffic, sales and qualified leads.


7.) Ad Rank Formula:- The formula which determines the ads positions in the Search Engine Result Page is called Ad Rank. Previously, this is calculated as  Max CPC x Quality Score. Now, the third factor has been added—“the expected impact of Ad extension and its format”. It is incorporated to determine Ad Rank in the view of when users search in Google, they will get more product/business information and can respond in a different way with ads such as “call business phone number”, “can click on the sitelink”,  “can see the business address on maps” or can read the third party review in the “Review Extensions”.


8.) Flexible Bidding Strategies:-  AdWords features with various bidding option. Each bidding option  is suited for different kinds of campaigns and advertisings goals but flexible bidding allows advertisers to set automatic bidding in one part of the campaign or multiple campaigns where as manual bidding still works on the other part of the campaign. AdWords added five types of flexible bidding strategy in shared library in last year:-


            (a)   Target Search Page Location:-

            (b)   Maximize Clicks

            (c)   Target CPA

            (d)   Enhanced CPC

            (e)   Target Return on ad Spend (ROAS)


9.) Paid vs Organic Report:- First time AdWords professionals saw both PPC and SEO data at AdWords UI in last year. This report is useful in understanding the interaction between paid and organic search. It also helps to prevent cannibalization and wasted AdWords budget by identifying PPC and SEO overlap. It is also good for finding good keywords and optimizing presence on high value keywords/queries for organic results.


10.) Introduction of Keyword Planner and Display planner:- AdWords had multiple types of Tools such as “keyword tool, traffic estimator tool, contextual targeting tool, placement targeting tool and double click ad planner”. That all were retired in 2013 and has been introduced two tools.


         a.) Keyword Planner:- Keyword Tool + Traffic Estimator Tool

         b.) Display Planner:- Contextual targeting Tool + Placement Targeting Tool + Double Click Ad Planner


11.) New Opportunity Tab:- New Opportunity tab is enhanced campaigns friendly.  It has been included with several new opportunities that suggests as a scope of optimization in the campaigns or entire account. Such as now it suggests adding Ad Extension, new keywords, new ad groups, or set bid adjustment.


12.) Estimated Total Conversion (Cross Device Conversion):-  Now consumers are living in Multi-Screen world,  thus they search products/business across multiple devices and screens. So the AdWords gives you more insight into how your ads influences new conversions types, such phone calls, store visits and conversions that are completed after a customer uses more than one device and browsers. Thus it helps advertisers to make the informed business decisions as well as budget allocation between online and offline.


 13.) Search Network with Display Select:- Google has added a new campaign type in the AdWords interface:-Search Network with Display Select (SNDS).  Search Network with Display select has replaced  default campaign type “Search and Display Campaign”.


 14.) Google Engagement ads (GEA):- Google Engagement ads are good for the seasonal advertisers, seeking to create brand engagement. Engagement is a user mousing over the ads for more than two seconds. These model ads are charged on the basis of cost-per-engagement (CPE), which allows advertisers to bid and pay only if a user has engaged  with their ads. GEA runs on the Google Display Network and use the same flexible targeting options as normal display and Youtube campaigns. Engagement ads let advertisers to connect with through multiple creative formats.



15.) Cross-Account Conversion Tracking:- If you have multiple AdWords account under the same MCC, now you can track conversions across all accounts. Here you are allowed to create a single conversion code snippet from MCC account and use it across multiple accounts. This can be possible only through Cross-Account conversion tracking. Cross-account conversion tracking  lets you to understand consolidated search funnels report, you can also see how customers interact with your keywords across all accounts before they convert.


16.) Review extension:- If users find the third party positive review, awards and accolades of the ads, then the potential customers understand why and how much your products are relevant and popular in the market. Google only approved the Review content, when review extension comes from reputable third party source and not more than 12 months old.


17.) In Market Segment:- This is only available to campaigns targeting in English. It will allow you to target users which are close to making a purchase. These categories are suitable for the advertisers whose goals are getting conversion from highly qualified customers. Currently, it offers only four categories such as “computers, autos, real estate and consumers electronics.


Changes Ahead.jpg

These were the some important changes that we have seen in last year. But there were some other features have been incorporated in AdWords. Such as “CPM bidding by Active Viewable Impression, Image Extension, Form Extensions, Undo function in change history, Keyword Planner highlighting trademark term, Bid Adjustment Reporting in Google Analytics, Top Movers Report, and Demographic Report for Remarketing List”. Hoping Google keeps us busy to learn new tools and features in this year.

                             Thus stay tune with Google AdWords BlogSpot, Google AdWords Youtube Channel and AdWords community to know the AdWords latest changes.



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I have been working on Google Adwords & Bing Ad Center since April 2010. I am Google Adwords Certified in Fundamental and Advance. I have worked on International and Domestic (Indian) campaigns for clients. I have also done extensive in-house campaigns within my organization. I have worked across various verticals and industries. I am very thankful to the Google Team for creating AdWords Community which promotes peer learning and keeps one updated on latest developments in AdWords.

January 2014

Thanks for this Rakesh. It's a nice and useful reminder of all of the changes last year.

John Paul Google Employee
January 2014

+Rakesh Nice summary of the new AdWords features in 2013!