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Tips to Improve Landing Page Optimization

Do you want to know what visitors think of your website?





Your campaigns are ready, your budget is approved: you are ready to bring 1000s of visitors from AdWords to your landing page. What makes the difference between turning those visits into 10 or 50 clients is - The information they expect to find in that landing page.


Usually conversion rates are less than 5% from the visitor volume that means that 95 % of the users could leave the landing page because they do not obtain the information they want, and you have the opportunity to change that metric.


Go ahead & find out with Landing Page surveys for visitors response and on what issues your landing page triggers unhappy reactions, make the use of opportunity provided by Google Consumer Surveys ( It’s quite affordable as well, just $0.01 for one complete survey.


There is no denying that online Industry is meeting a vertical rise in its popularity and acceptance. Web presence has become the mandate for every business today to cater more business, revenue and customers.


Creating a high response Landing Page is quite complex as well because every individual have different opinions for each and every thing. If you leverage the advantage of having many opinions from a group of people then you can make informed changes to your website.


So, Instead of investing in AdWords before your site is ready to convert most visitors to buyers, an advertiser must REVIEW his website FIRST.


Make Google Consumer Surveys and promote them all over your social media channels. It is free for the basic questions and it’s quiet cheap with customized questions as well because the “respondent source” is your own website not the Google Network, that's why it costs only $0.01 per completed survey.


Since it was announced in June, 2013 (, so it is relatively a new tool and currently available in limited countries.


There might be chances that not all the people will visit your website and fill out the survey. But even if 100 users complete it, then you will have a vital feedback for the success of your business, which will let you refine the content of the landing pages to turn traffic into profit.


In the end, you can also use the Adwords Community right here by writing the landing pages URL with a short URL service like Google URL Shortener( & asking forum members to evaluate the Landing Page.




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giacomo m
July 2014

Hi Abhishek S and thanks for your post Smiley Happy 


I have a question: do you know when will be possible use Google Customer Survey in Italy?





July 2014

Hi Giacomo M


I am not sure when it will be available in Italy, but since it is launched in 2013 only, so hopefully Google will be working on it to roll out it globally like other earlier tools.Smiley Happy



giacomo m
July 2014

Thanks Abhishek Smiley Happy 



Jennifer W
July 2014

Thanks for this article, Abhishek. When you suggest including a URL here and asking forum members to evaluate the landing page, would you suggest putting it here in the comments section?

July 2014 - last edited July 2014

Hi Jennifer


It would be great to create a new discussion message in Basic For New Advertisers Section.



Alexey C Rising Star
September 2014

Hi Abhishek, 


Thanks for usefull insight about customer surveys from google. 

Visitors are influenced by different factors which they can no be aware of. Also I don't think that visitors are very much interested to perform audit of your website providing valuable feedback. 

But it's a perfect way to find about problems which your customer are facing. 


Asking forum members may be a good option to get nice ideas - it would be just opinions without any scientific approach. 


We can use A/B testing + surveys + opinion of forum members. 

So we get nice new ideas, know weeknesses and test everything on adwords traffic getting higher convertion rate. Also it's important to get as much insights about your visitors as possible - maybe currently you are targeting wrong people. 






Rajdeep S
November 2014

Great Idea,  Abhishek.


I have been using Adwords from couple of years. It seems using Google Consumer Surveys to know user perspective about the landing page is a great idea. However it may be a time consuming effort for a campaign launched in a short time.


I shall be trying this in my next campaign. But will need to check whether it is available in india or not.






madhuri v
May 2016

8 tips for increasing conversions and optimizing your landing page!



  • Requirements:  Before you actually begin to sit down and design the landing page, you must have a detailed draft of what exactly you need on the web page.
  • Design: Once you have the matter written down, then the next step is to design it in the most appealing manner. 
  • Implementation: Once you are done with visualizing and mapping down the above two points, you have essentially created the design of your page. 
  • Verification: You need to verify the design that you implemented to make sure that everything is functioning smoothly. Go to the landing page, take the conversion – not just as yourself – but channelize and recreate the persona of several target user types, so that you see and utilize your design from their perspective. Create custom reports to analyze the success or failure of the new design.
  • Maintenance: Based on the verification results, changes need to be made to optimize the webpage in the best possible manner, utilizing the best options from the point of view of your target audience. 
  • Optimization: In order to optimize your page to the fast paced world of your consumer, you may find these techniques to be quite helpful:
  1. Pre-populate cursor: If the landing page has form fields, then one of the quickest ways to reduce frictions – facilitating higher rate of conversions – is by pre-populating the cursor to the first field. This essentially involves the cursor blinking at exactly the place or blank that you need the visitor to fill or consider first. In this case, the cursor acts as a guide for the visitor when he/she comes onto the website. Seems simple, but actually, this slight change can cause a significant difference.
  2. Eye Tracking: Eye Tracking tracks the movement of eyes of the visitor when he/she comes onto the landing page. Implementation of such technology and feedbacks on the same help you decide what is working, that is, what grabs more attention and what does not. This, in turn, will help in the improvement of the page by telling you what needs to be changed or improved.
  3. Measurement: This involves the testing and overall understanding of which aspects of the website work well and which do not. Some of the essential elements that can be tested and improved accordingly include the following:
  • Layouts
  • Language and wording
  • Heading length
  • Font and type size
  • Amount of copy on the page
  • Web Design

Read More in Details: