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Tips to Getting More out of Insights

As you have probably noticed in the new Google My Business Insights, the visible data ( number values ) have been removed from the Graph.


To see the values you have to trace the graph with your cursor, but what if you want to monitor this data on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis?.


The answer is to export the data into your own spread sheet.


Hint To Google: Export feature please.



Exporting Insight Information


  1. Open your Insights in a new page.
  2. Open up your spread sheet


In your insights page:


  • Ctrl + A ( this highlights all the page information )
  • Ctrl + C ( this copies all the information highlighted )


Then go to your spreadsheet:


  • Past into Excel >> Use Text or Values


The next job is to tidy up the data, into how you want to view it. I left in the date ranges, so you could see all the data, but you could leave this out on a monthly basis.





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Tim Capper operates a bespoke Local SEO and Google Business consultancy in the UK, Online Ownership. As an experienced SEO consultant, Tim takes an honest, straightforward approach to helping your business stand out online .

Clark R
August 2016

Can someone explain why they made these changes? This was a HUGE step backwards in my opinion. 

August 2016

Great Post! It works. This is the easiest & best way to get detail insight of your Business.

Tim Capper Top Contributor
August 2016

Hi Clarke


Google does not explain their resasoning. They did say these were based on user feedback ?


Hi Aloak


Glad you found it useful 

Nikki M
September 2016

Seriously, Tim's information to get data is the BEST information I've received! This is really helping me report on my agency's clients.

Ronando L
September 2016
This is absolutely, freaking amazing! How on Earth did you figure this out?? I'm blown away. Thank you.
Peter B
November 2016

Do you know of any dashboard tools that can pull the insights out to be able to have some public facing dashboards?

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi Peter


Not at the moment, but when they launched this new insights, we did request a download feature, so fingers crossed.

It's a great and useful post. Thank you.
Crystal H

Tim, this is AMAZING. Thank you!