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Tip For Better Keyword Bids Optimization

             Keep Track of Keyword Bids Changes for Better Adwords Account Optimization


All advertisers ranging from large scale to small scale keeps changing keywords bid in order to ensure better performance of their Adwords Account. Advertisers with limited number of keywords might be able to memorize their changes as they have limited number of keywords like 20-30 major keywords. On the contrary, advertisers with large number of keywords will have difficulty in remembering their bid changes, as Adwords interface only reports the current bid of a keyword not the previous bids and changes.


Keeping track of bid changes will help you in many ways:-


1. If two different account managers are working on the same account then there may be changes that they may employ unnecessary actions like if one account manager has increased or decreased the bid of certain keywords as per the keywords statistics then there might be changes that second account manager may take unnecessary action on those keywords again in case of miscommunication.


2. If you are optimizing bids for your keywords and came across some unusual indicators or statistics of a keyword then it will help you figure out when you have changed the bids and what difference it has made.


3. It will help in remembering the keywords change status like when you have paused or enabled a keyword.


4. It will help in optimizing your keywords more precisely but that would need some more hands on experience on MS Excel which we will get to know in future articles.


Keeping track of the keywords bidding is quiet simple, as you just require to download the keywords reports daily before making any changes to your Adwords Account and paste to a excel sheet day by day and one after another. Whenever you need to look for bids of a keywords for a certain period of time just use FILTERS in MS Excel as per you requirement & convenience.Smiley Happy


I hope I am clear enough to make you understand the benefits of doing this. 





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John Paul Sing
July 2014

Previously,I was thinking of how to track the changes. With this article i'm clear now. I also came to know that it will help in some unusual times and for better optimization. 

Thanks you for sharing.

CocoP Community Manager
July 2014

Thanks for the article, Abhishek!

Amit R
July 2014

Thanks Abhishek for giving clarity in Bid filtering ideas

Muhammed Yousuf
January 2015

Thanks Abhishek,

Really, you provide many useful tips for bidding useful keywords. Keep it up, senior.