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3.4K members online now
3.4K members online now
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The next series of Go-To Guides (S2)

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Did you know? We have an entire board dedicated to helping merchants understand how to use Google My Business. Check out our collection of Go-To Guides here:

Our second series of Go-To Guides covers a bunch of topics around how you can edit your business information on the Google My Business dashboard and how to handle Google updates. We also included an article about attributes and how they help to inform your customers, and took a closer look at managing hotels.


Additionally, we wanted to provide a helping hand when dealing with any big business changes or issues that might pop up while using Google My Business, such as duplicate listings, updating your account when a location closesmoves address, or what to do if your account is suspended.


If you have suggestions for things we should cover in an upcoming series, feel free to suggest them here. 


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As always, keep your eye on the Google My Business Community for our regularly updated, bite-size guides for business owners. You can also join the conversation on our social channels by sending us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

about Marissa Nordahl

I have worked on Google My Business since 2013 and joined the community team in 2016. I truly enjoy helping business owners and am thankful to have such an awesome group of Top Contributors and Rising Stars who share in that as well. We are here to help so please - ask away!

Margie S

I am so un savvy when it comes to this. So here goes.


I want to arrange the pictures that are on Google my business so they look more profesionally in tune with the Community.

I cannot move them to positions them where I want them?

Digital Herder

please add guidelines for "Posts"

mohamad gh
hi I do not know to read enghlish Im sorry Ileft the post I did not know
your law Iwould like too see my business well be seen on the first page of
google installing a washer dishwasher -installing a boiler house-settingup
a shower in tehran Bushing dishwashing -LG-samsung thank you for showing me
phone number in google and google helped me very much and helped them with
the google translator
vikash r


Graeme L

Can I alter the order of the photos displayed on my Google My Business Page? 

TJ Davis

Well, our listing is fairly new in the sense that we released our old location and listing and replaced it with a new one because of a company move. 

We recently took advantage of the GMB free site and made one. We also have a permanent domain and website hosted with GSuite on google sites. Our development team has finally completed the initial makeover for our old site and remapped the domain from our old site to the new.

Now with all this activity, it is finally time to release the free GMB site and replace it with our domain site on Google New Sites.  

Now for the $1,000,000.00 question: Our GMB does not appear to want to allow us to remove it and replace it with our www. site, so does anyone have a DIRECT, and SIMPLE answer for how to go about this? Our intent is to have our site show in our GMB listing instead of the Please help!!!

mohamad gh
tisetso k

hey i need to verify but the postcard takes too long to arrive,how could i solve hat

Tim N

My location at Sears 1050 South Babcock St, Melbourne hours keeps changing.

We are open Sunday 11am-6pm, Monday-Friday 10am-8pm & Saturday10am-9pm.

Each week I have been using Google to suggest hours which changes them to the above hours, only to have them revert back to opening at 9am closing at 9am. My hours are correct at Please help me get this permanently corrected as this causes many Customer complaints.

U-roy Felix A

Appoint more Trusted Verifiers in Nigeria to avoid the bottle neck of businesses writing to Google and waiting forever to get their Verification PIN. This is a country of 190 million people with little or no Trusted Verifiers.