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The Impact of Home Service Ads on Service-Area Businesses

Update 11/6/2017 - Initially, service-area Google My Business listings for businesses in Local Services (formerly Home Services) markets and categories had been moved from local results to the free section of the Local Services ad unit. But as of mid-October, service-area business listings ARE BACK to showing in the 3pack and local finder results, just as they were before the arrival of Local Services ads.


Note: Even with their return to local results, service-area businesses (and those with storefronts) can still appear in the free section of the Local Services finder.


Current Local Services Ads Areas


For categories: HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, overhead door

Alabama: Birmingham

Arizona: Phoenix², Tucson

California¹: Fresno, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Riverside/San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Stockton

Colorado: Denver²
Connecticut: Hartford-New Haven

Florida: Fort Myers-Naples, Jacksonville, Miami², Orlando², Tampa²

Georgia: Atlanta², Savannah

Illinois: Chicago²

Indiana: Indianapolis
Kansas: Kansas City, Wichita

Kentucky: Louisville

Maryland: Baltimore²

Massachusetts: Boston²

Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids

Minnesota: Minneapolis-Saint Paul²

Missouri: Kansas City, St. Louis²

Nevada: Las Vegas²

New Mexico: Albuquerque

New York: New York², Rochester

North Carolina: Charlotte², Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham

Ohio: Cincinnati², Columbus, Dayton, Toledo

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa

Oregon: Portland²

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, Philadelphia², Pittsburgh²
South Carolina: Charleston, Greenville

Tennessee: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville

Texas: Austin, Dallas³, Houston², San Antonio²

Utah: Salt Lake City

Virginia: Norfolk, Richmond

Washington: Seattle², Spokane

Washington, D.C.²

Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee

(list updated July 13, 2018)


¹ - There are additional categories in some California markets including auto glass repair, auto repair, general contractors, junk removal, house cleaners, tutors, roadside assistance, handyman, painters, pet groomers, pet daycare/boarding. 

² - Local Services ads are also running for carpet cleaning and house cleaning in these markets. Philadelphia also has roofing and appliance repair.

³ - Local Services ads are also running for carpet cleaning, house cleaning, roofing, tree services, pest control, lawn care services, water damage restoration, window cleaning, and window repair in these markets.


How to view both paid and free listings in the Local Services finder


To view the listings on desktop:





To view the listings on mobile:




The expanded Local Services unit (desktop version):




What to do if your business is not present in the free section of the Local Services Ad unit

If you are in an existing market and your business does NOT appear in the free section of the Local Services Ad unit, please contact localservices-help@google.com


Interested in having your business in Local Services with the "Google guaranteed" badge?

Learn more about participating in Local Services ads here: https://www.google.com/adwords/local-services-ads/


If you're a business in one of the current or 'coming soon' markets/categories you can apply now.


You can also view these additional resources to learn more about Local Services Ads:


Richard R

Great article. Thanks.


id suggest using alphabetical order for cities and categories (respectively) to improve simple readability if you can spare the 10 minutes.

Dustin A

Does anyone know why Google has removed all listings from the google my business regular listings that don't show their addresses in the areas you mentioned above.


Ever since the new home service ads have been implemented in Phoenix, where I live, service area businesses that used to need to hide their addresses (because they serve all customers on location), now do not show at all. Even businesses that are run out of a home have to show their addresses or they get auto-filtered out of the maps.


In the past it was the opposite. Anyone else have a clue why this is happening?

James_Clemens Top Contributor

Hi Tom,


This is tremendiously helpful. Thanks for assmebling such detailed infomation. 





Martin B

That is good to hear and important that Google listing to what is important to small business in the real word! If they had made that move they would of severaly hurt a LARGE number of honest hard working small and micro business everywhere!  

Verónica M


Im waiting for my verification number since October 26. How can I get my code? Thanks in advance

TreasureCoast C



I currently learnd last night that some of the local competitors in my business are using, what I think, are fake reviews.  Im sorry if this is the wrong area to comment, but I cant find another area to do so.  Could you please contactme through e mail, and I would be glad to share that info with you?  thank you

TomW Top Contributor

@Verónica M - if you're still having issues with verification please fill out this form.


@TreasureCoast C - please read this post (and look for the section called Spam Type 3: Fake Reviews) for information on how to report fake reviews.

Mohamed R

Hello, It seems that sponsored Ads are only available in US :(

Rajendra I

Very nice article great information thanks

Robert M

How long does it take the local services to respond to my request for my business in the free area of local services? Does it take awhile for a response? I have sent 2 emails and stil have not received a response in 3 business days. Thank you