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The Advertiser Take (Populating a List for Remarketing to YouTube Viewers)

The Advertiser Take

Populating a List for Remarketing to YouTube Viewers


If you create a YouTube remarketing list, you'll have the opportunity to show your AdWords ads to users who've already seen your video on YouTube. All that's needed is a linked YouTube channel to your AdWords account.


To do this, navigate to Audiences under Shared Library on the left side, and find the Create list button associated with the YouTube users link. Once you're done, you can use the list as a targeting setting for new or existing Search Network and Display Network campaigns.


This has become a popular discussion on the AdWords Forum as several users have shown interest in integrating their activities on AdWords and YouTube. For example, Yokesh F, a new member of the Forum posted the following query earlier this year, ’I did not link the accounts before I posted the video, and did not create any remarketing list ... Is it possible to do remarketing for the viewers of the old video by creating a list now...?’


This is a frequent dilemma that new advertisers face while setting up an AdWords campaign to retarget their ad copies to former or future viewers of their YouTube videos. For instance, during the list creation process you’ll encounter the following question before clicking the Create list button:


 jul 19.png

Therefore, advertisers like Yokesh F could be in time, if the 30 days haven't elapsed. However, it's important to note that the initial list size will depend on the radio button you select. For more on targeting your AdWords ads to your existing or future YouTube video viewers, please continue to read here.


If you have questions, the popular AdWords for Video category within the official AdWords Forum allows members to post queries and discuss related topics.

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Aditya S

Hi Sir,


Great Information !!


I want to share, that we don't need to update any code for youtube remarketing list. Like website visitors 


As you know, we need to update remarketing code between <body></body> tags for website visitor remarketing list. 


We have to many option for youtube remarketing code. 

1. Who subscribe channel

2. Who liked our video

3. Who viewed our youtube channel 


Like this we too option for create a remarketing list for Youtube.