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The Advertiser Take (Maximize conversions with Smart Bidding)


The Advertiser Take

Maximize conversions with Smart Bidding


Maximize conversions with Smart Bidding is a newly developed strategy that implements machine learning to optimize for conversions in each and every auction—a feature referred to as “auction-time bidding.” It factors in a wide range of signals which are identifiable attributes about a user or their context at the time of a particular auction, and is basically designed to ensure you get the most conversions within a given daily budget.


Dyana, an experienced advertiser interested in bidding on branded terms, posted a communication last month, in the official English AdWords Forum, to let us know how excited she was about the opportunity to test out this new feature. In response, quite a few members replied expressing their willingness to give it a try by means of a test or experiment. Though some positive feedback has been reaching us by now, this is a developing story and we hope to hear back more from them in the near future.


If you wish to set up the “Maximize conversions with Smart Bidding” automated bid strategy you need to click “Change bid strategy” on your campaign’s settings page and select the “Maximize conversions” menu item on the drop-down. In addition, you may want to test the strategy and/or view strategy reports so that you can get a deeper understanding of its performance. An obvious option for you to learn more may be this forum article.


If you have questions, the Advanced Features category within the official AdWords Forum allows members to dive into advanced topics like Remarketing or Bid Strategies.

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